“Veremos ondear la bandera del islam sobre el Big Ben”

Te lo digo yo, diría este fundamentalista si fuera vascongado. Pero no lo es, sino un jeque sirio expulsado del Reino Unido que vive actualmente en Líbano:

Bakri, who once described the suicide hijackers who carried out the 11 September attacks as «The magnificent 19,» on the first anniversary of the London bombings, said that he stands firm to the fatwas that he has previously issued. These include one fatwa that caused him to be banned from returning to the United Kingdom which stated, «Those who inform [authorities] of the mujahideen are dissidents of Islam.»

Oiga, jeque, no apunte con el dedo, hombre.

Exiled British Islamist Sheikh Omar bin Bakri in Beirut: We Will See the Banner of Islam ‘Flying Over Big Ben and the British Parliament’

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