Reino Unido: Carreras truncadas por pertenecer al BNP ¿quiénes son los fascistas?

Primeras bailarinas, profesores, arquitectos:

Last year, when the English National Ballet’s then prima ballerina Simone Clarke’s membership of the BNP was published in a Guardian newspaper exposé, “anti-fascist” protestors turned up at the ballet’s Coliseum to loudly denounce her. Clarke quit the profession not long after.

Richard Barnbrook has said that his work in the teaching profession “dried up” after his membership of the BNP became known.

In 2006, some senior members of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) called for the expulsion of Peter Phillips, and denounced him to the Guardian, after he acknowledged his membership of the BNP. (Phillips, a member of RIBA’s governing council, was then running for the position of president, and had received the backing of 60 fellow architects.)

Mark Walker was suspended from his job as a technology and design teacher, Arthur Redfearn was fired from his position with West Yorkshire Transport Services, and Tina Wingfield was suspended from her job as a care worker, all, allegedly, because their BNP membership became known to their employers.

El BNP es un partido legal, si tan extremista es que procedan a ilegalizarlo. Pero si el partido es legal, la discriminación de sus militantes es ilegal.

The UK, BNP, and the Modern McCarthyism

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