Italia: La inmigración está batiendo todos los records durante el gobierno de Berlusconi

Esta noticia que leo es tremenda. A pesar de la retórica contra la inmigración desatada al comienzo de su gobierno, la inmigración está aumentando en Italia. Algunos datos al respecto (Italy: Record number of would-be immigrants arrive):

  • Over 40,000 people have requested refugee status so far this year, compared to 14,000 over the same period in 2007.
  • A total 24,241 illegal immigrants reached Italy between January and 16 September this year, and 3,176 in the following month, the paper said, quoting recent data from Italy’s Interior Ministry.
  • The number of women arriving on the southernmost island of Lampedusa from January to November was 3,128 – over three times the 973 who arrived over the same period last year.
  • Similarly, 2,002 children landed on the island between January and November, compared with 977 last year. Of these, eight percent were unaccompanied.
  • According to the Interior Ministry, however, the total number of foreigners living illegally in Italy is seven times greater – over 650,000.
  • The Italian Government estimates it will grant 170,000 permits of stay this year to foreigners currently living in the country illegally, mostly to domestic workers, out of 380,000 requested.

Para acabarlo de rematar, el Presidente de la republica ha afrimado que los inmigrantes «son un factor de frescura y fuerza para la nación italiana» (Italy: Immigrants, ‘source of strength for nation’ says President):

«This influx of new energy coming from every part of the world that has established itself here is a factor of freshness and strength for the Italian nation,» said Napolitano.

Napolitano also said he would like to see the end of what he calls ‘old prejudices’ against immigrants. There are now close to four million legal immigrants living in Italy according to figures released earlier this month by Catholic charities Caritas and Migrantes.

«There is a need for openness and appreciation towards foreigners that become Italian citizens: workers, students, researchers, entrepreneurs, athletes, managers,» he said.

Y hasta el postfascista Fini está empezando a tomar la sustiticion de población como un hecho consumado:

Meanwhile, Gianfranco Fini, head of the post-fascist National Alliance party and current President of the Chamber of Deputies said that a new citizenship law for immigrants must be enacted.

«The sociological reality of the country has changed, and the times are ripe to discuss a new law,» said Fini.

He also said a middle ground must be found between those who advocate for Italian citizenship at the moment of birth, and the current law which states that the person must reach 18 years of age to be eligible.

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