Bangladesh: La limpieza étnica de los musulmanes está haciendo desaparecer a los hindúes

Se habla mucho de la discriminación de los musulmanes en la India, sin embargo, tras la independencia, las población musulmana ha seguido creciendo sin parar. En las zonas musulmanes de la partición (Pakistán y Bangladesh) ha sucedido lo contrario: los no musulmanes está desapareciendo, y no es solo por la mayor natalidad de estos, sino por la agresión continua que les lleva a huir:

Yet, a case of ethnic cleansing, a-genocide-in-the-making, with numbers that dwarf these crimes has been proceeding for decades with little more than the occasional whimper. When Bangladesh won its independence from Pakistan in 1971, Hindus made up almost one in five of its citizens. Today, they are less than one in ten. There are regular reports out of Bangladesh of young Hindu girls being abducted, raped, then forced to convert to Islam. The government has been investigating some of these incidents but thus far has taken no action. The practice continues unhindered. Demographers and others estimate that anywhere from 20 to 35 million Bangladeshi Hindus have disappeared. At least that many remain at risk; but no George Clooney or Angelina Jolie; no declarations from the UN, despite its mandate to stop such atrocities. Its largely misnomered human rights organizations ignore the matter. Even the UN High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) has never helped the victims, though several organizations have documented their suffering. Earlier this year, I visited almost two dozen extra-legal camps of Bangladeshi Hindu refugees in West Bengal, India, and saw their need for help. The international human rights industry, too, has been silent. AI has devoted pages upon web pages to the United States and Guantanamo and spends a high percentage of its resources criticizing Israeli democracy. It recently devoted the cover story on its web site to Sunnis treating Shias like «second-class citizens» but to date it has shown no stomach to oppose what could be the worst case of ethnic cleansing in our time. The last time AI or Human Rights Watch gave the Bangladeshi Hindus even passing mention was in 2006.

Es decir, tras la partición, han pasado del 20 al 10% de la población. Lo más lamentable de todo esto es que los que se refugian en la India son tratados como criminales…

Will Bangladeshi Hindus be ignored Again?

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