Serbia: Uno de los principales secretarios de Milosevic espiaba para la CIA

En la guerra todo es posible:

Belgrade, 2 March (AKI) – Sensational disclosures that late Serbian strongman Slobodan Milosevic’s head of state security, Jovica Stanisic, was a top American spy, have provoked shock and disbelief.

Claims that Stanisic was for nearly a decade the CIA’s main man in Belgrade made headlines in most Belgrade newspapers on Monday after it was published in the Los Angeles Times.

The story broke as Serbs were still reeling from news of the lengthy prison sentences handed last week to five former top Serb officials by the Hague-based United Nations war crimes tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

Stanisic is facing trial at The Hague for allegedly setting up ‘genocidal’ Serb death squads accused of atrocities against Bosnians and Croats.

Serbia: Top Milosevic aide ‘worked for CIA’

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