Turquía construye el primer aseo público «de nivel europeo». La gente hace cola, para verlo.

Mira que tiene gracia la cosa (Muslim World’s First EU-Worthy Toilet Constructed in Turkey):

TURKEY-EU: FIRST EU-RATED TOILET OPENS IN GAZIANTEP. (ANSAmed) – ANKARA, JUNE 22 – The southeastern Anatolian city of Gaziantep has become the first in the country to have a public toilet that meets European Union standards, daily Hurriyet reports. The toilet facility was built in the city’s Turktepe neighborhood, along Culture Road, and cost 80,000 euros. Built with EU funds, the public toilet has a special section for the disabled, a music system, water taps with sensors, a section for changing baby diapers and air conditioning and took one year to build. The man responsible for running the toilet, Sih Mehmet Agir, said people are surprised on their first visit. «They are surprised to see such a clean toilet; they show a lot of interest; they don’t just come to meet their needs, they also come to look», Agir noted. (ANSAmed).

Y pensar que los turcos presumen de limpios, y de haber inventado el baño…

(La foto muestra la famosa placa turca)

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