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  1. Sil

    Jacob the fisherman evolved into the archetypal hero of Western culture. From Sant’ Iago Matamoros (killer of the Moors) to Sant’ Iago Mataindios (killer of Indians) to Sant’ Iago Mataespañois (killer of Spaniards) – everyone wanted him as their hero!
    In Mexico City there is a carving from the altarpiece of the Church of Santiago Tlatelolco showing him as Santiago Mataindios – the Indian-slayer. And although Christianity and the Catholic religion were taken to the Americas by the Spaniards, when Mexico fought to obtain its independence from Spain in 1810, Sant’ Iago was exalted as Santiago Mataespañois – the slayer of Spaniards!
    In Peru, during an indigenous uprising in 19th-century they adopted Santiago as its champion, using the “Matamoros” iconography of “Santiago Mataespañois” that in Peru had come to be associated with a pre-Columbian deity who drove out evil forces.
    There is a mid-19thC silver statue of Santiago Mataespañois in the Museum of Pilgrimages in Santiago de Compostela.


    and another one – scroll down to under Ano 1998 – (as well as pictures of items from the museum) here:


    You can see the altarpiece of Santiago Mataindios here (click on the photo to enlarge it)


    You can see paintings of Santiago Matamoros and Mataindios together here:


  2. Maestre_de_Campo

    He copiado y pegado una parte, amdg.


  3. Frans van Leeuwen


    I am searching for a statue of St James the More Slayer.
    Can you help me?
    Maybe you know a website or someting? I am not able to read Spanish, so maybe you know a German, Dutch or English site.

    Please, we adore St James very much. He can protect us against the Moors nowadays. Further, we as a family have a special devotion for him.

    With regards,

    Frans van Leeuwen.

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    [...] St. James the Greater is one of the Zebedee sons. He is called "the Greater" to distinguish him from James, "the brother of the Lord", author of the Epistle called "of James" and first bishop of Jerusalem. St. James the Greater is the patronal saint of Spain. His shrine is Santiago de Compostela. "Sant" + "Iago" is related to the French "Saint Jacque". St. James is also known in Spain as "Matamoros", "Moor Slayer" because of a legend that he intervened in a war against the Moors riding on a white horse and brandishing a sword. [...]

  6. Ruben Matamoros

    I am a Matamoros, in further search of my roots. This was a very compelling and eductaional blog. Ironically I happen to be not only a modern warrior (martial artist), but a devout Christian. Great job on the research, it’s much appreciated.

    Gracias por la información! :)

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