Francia: El imán que se opone al uso del burca en Francia, abandona su mezquita abucheado por sus feligreses y bajo protección oficial

No se puede negar que esta noticia tiene su gracia (Paris: Worshipers want to fire «burka-opposing imam»):

Called to explain his version of the incidents on Monday which, he says, were caused by Islamists, Hassen Chalghoumi claims to be the imam at the Drancy mosque  (Seine-Saint-Denis) and says he got death threats, hurriedly left the mosque Friday, cursed by a hundred worshipers, escorted by several policemen.

«Liar!» and other curses were shouted when Hassan Chalghoumi, who is hostile to the burqa and known for his relations with the Jewish community, took the microphone to explain himself to the numerous worshipers who had come for the weekly Muslim prayer, the first since those events.

«Liar!» shouted a majority of the worshipers who remained to follow this explanation.  «We recorded what you said on the radio,» somebody shouted at him.  Other curses rose up.

“Mentiroso, tenemos grabado los que dijiste en la radio”. Así le respondieron a sus explicaciones.


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