Los autores del libro de Josué consideraban el genocidio de los enemigos como algo acertado y esperaban que el resto de los judíos lo vieran también así

Lo cuenta Samson Blinded. Y lo que es más importante, lo razona  (War 3500 years later):

“So Joshua smote all the land… he utterly destroyed all that breathed” Joshua 10:40

But the story tells us a thing more interesting than any amount of factual details: the authors of the Book of Joshua view genocide and collective punishment as meritorious, and expected their readers to hold similar views. They describe with admiration Joshua’s acts, which would send your Reform rabbi running for an exorcist—if only he had read the Tanakh when taking his rabbinical classes at a secular school.

The Torah, theoretically, commands Jews to expel the natives rather than kill them. By the time of Joshua’s conquest of Canaan that prescription was understood to be excessively idealistic. Rabbis, accordingly, interpret it as an offer of a choice: if the natives refuse to leave, they have to be killed, because killing them all is the only practical way to observe the divine commandment for Jews to settle the land and rule over it. The fact that the Gibeonites resorted to subterfuge in order to deliver themselves into slavery suggests that the third rabbinical option for natives, staying in the land under tribute and servitude, was unheard of at the time.

Nor were the Jews particularly humanistic. The Tanakh relates no qualms of theirs when Joshua told them to exterminate every living being of Jericho except the families of traitors. Nor did the Jews become more compassionate as the slaughter progressed; they similarly annihilated other towns. Looting has been the only change from Jericho onwards: once Jews proved to God their ability to fight selflessly they were allowed in other conquests to loot their murdered enemies—who, actually, were not enemies in any sense, but peaceful residents of land that Jews had decided to take over.

Es realmente admirable que estos tipos hayan podido convencer a medio mundo de que son las víctimas universales. Han llegado más lejos, han logrado que se persiga penalmente quien pone en duda las cifras de victimas. Negar unos genocidios es crimen, pero en otros casos son ensalzados como historia sagrada. Mientras haya tantos palmeros que les bailan el agua seguirán así, y hacen bien, por supuesto.

Aprended de ellos, cándidos como palomas, astutos como serpientes.

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  1. A Maior Dei Gloriam:
    Compra el libro «Los Genocidios en la Biblia», por Dennis Byler, autor alemán-estadounidense-argentino, no es judío, publicado por Editorial Clara.

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