Alemania: Más del 50% de las musulmanas viven con miedo a los “crímenes de honor”.

Lo dice un abogada de origen turco (foto) especializada en la defensa de mujeres afectadas:

Speaking in English, she said of honour killings and Muslim women in Germany: «And I think that more than 50 percent live in such a situation of fear of honor killings or to be killed. Many of my clients, I am working as a lawyer here in Berlin and I make family and criminal law, many of my clients, women, they say they are feared to divorce because their men say, «If you divorce, if you go to court to divorce, I will kill you.»

Por cierto, deja la profesión por las repetidas amenazas de muerte de hombres musulmanes:

But sadly, news comes from the Telegraph today and from Monday’s Deutsche Welle that the constant death threats which have been made against her by Muslim men have become too much. After two decades of defending the rights of Muslim women from abuse, Seyran Ates has finally announced that she has closed her practice.

She has blamed the German authorities, saying that she had asked the police for protection, but had her requests ignored. The police have denied this, and claim that they were never asked to help.

Germany: Muslim Death Threats Force Woman Lawyer To Quit

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