Soljenitsin un nacionalista ruso

Sigo con cosas que he leído tras su muerte.

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Como un nacionalista ruso le retratan en este artículo (Solzhenitsyn and the Russian Question) que empieza descalificando las acusaciones de no ser suficientemente occidental, cosa que consistiría es apoyar el mercado libre y la cultura pop:

In later years, Solzhenitsyn lost some of his stature …thanks to his failure to embrace liberal democracy. He never really liked the west, never really took to free markets or pop culture.

Hemos caído realmente muy bajo.

A.S. era un nacionalista ruso que quería una Rusia no imperialista, cuya política estuviera dedicada al bienestar del pueblo ruso:

While we always sought to help the Bulgarians, the Serbs, the Montenegrins, we would have done better to think first of the Belorussians and Ukrainians: with the weighty hand of Empire we deprived them of cultural and spiritual development in their own traditions… the endless wars for Balkan Christians were a crime against the Russian people… The attempt to greater-Russify all of Russia proceed damaging not only to the living national traits of all the other ethnicities in the Empire but was foremost detrimental to the greater-Russian nationality itself … The aims of a great Empire and the moral health of the people are incompatible … Holding on to a great Empire means to contribute to the extinction of our own people.

No solo se oponía a la expansión imperial, sino que incluso era partidario de que Rusia no se partiera el pecho por otros eslavos… Atención a esto:

The trouble is not that the USSR broke up – that was inevitable. The real trouble, and a tangle for a long time to come, is that the breakup occurred along false Leninist borders, usurping from us entire Russian provinces. In several days, we lost 25 million ethnic Russians – 18 percent of our entire nation – and the government could not scrape up the courage even to take note of this dreadful event, a colossal historic defeat for Russia, and to declare its political disagreement with it.

Pues pena me da Rusia. Si esto es cierto –y supongo que lo será- la caída de la Unión Soviética habría supuesto para el pueblo ruso un castigo comparable al que Versalles supuso para el pueblo alemán: un considerable porcentaje de alemanes pasó a estar bajo soberanía polaca y checa. Seria comprensible que Rusia intentara recuperar terrenos e influencia sobre áreas pobladas por rusos. Como la preocupación de esos países por una política comparable a la de la Alemania de Hitler.

Para complementar lo anterior, este obituario (Alexander Isayevich Solzhenitsyn RIP, 1918-2008) de una persona que le conoció personalmente es también muy significativo:

Solzhenitsyn’s war against the USSR was largely – but not singularly – caused by that component of applied Marxism that made it an alien force in Russia. Therefore, Solzhenitsyn was not primarily a foe of the Empire but rather an opponent of a usurping gang. Although Putin called the collapse of the Soviet Union the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century, the Writer and the current system found common ground in a shared love of the nation. Solzhenitsyn himself explains his turn against the West as a response to the “brutal Nato-bombardment of Serbia“. Right or wrong – mostly wrong, but in the name of “Slavic Solidarity” that is rejected by many Slavs – Russia committed to Serbia. (She went to war in 1914 to protect Serbia. That country was involved in an act of terrorism involving regicide that the Czar – murdered in 1918 – would not have welcome on his own turf.) In his old age, Solzhenitsyn seems to have come to share Einstein’s political acumen. Therefore, he became disturbed by the re-absorption of the disintegrating USSR’s western spheres into their traditional occidental milieu. This ingratitude of western Slavs and the eastward expansion of NATO – perceived as an anti-Russian measure – hurt the national pride of the patriot just as much as it provoked Putin‘s imperial instincts. Additionally, as the Writer put it when returning to Russia, Communism had created a moral void there. Development must be integrally connected to the cultural roots of a community. These roots were weakened by the Communists. Therefore, the worst and most decadent products of the West could flow into Russia unfiltered. The dictate of self-preservation speaks for a halt to the process.

Que Dios lo tenga en su Gloria.

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