Grecia: Entran 80.000 ilegales al año, llevan la violencia a la capital. La UE critica que no se tengan en cuenta sus «derechos humanos»

Les acusa de «criminalizar la entrada irregular». Literalmente, oyes:

Thomas Hammarberg, human rights commissioner at the Council of Europe, has criticized Greece and other EU states for «criminalizing the irregular entry and presence of migrants as part of a policy of so-called migration management.» «Political decision-makers should not lose the human rights perspective in migration,» Hammarberg wrote in an e-mail message when asked to comment for this article. «Migrants coming from war-torn states should be given refuge.» The government says that Greece grants protection to all refugees, as long as their status can be proven. But UN refugee agency statistics show that Greece approves less than one percent of asylum applications, compared with a EU average of 20 percent. According to minority groups, the treatment of migrants from war-torn states as «illegals» rather than refugees requiring protection forces them to eke out a life on the fringes of society.

Grecia aprueba solo el 1% de las peticiones de asilo, frente a la media europea, que es del 20%. De ahí el rapapolvos. Ahora se entiende.

Greece: Death by Human Rights

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