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  1. Dios bendiga a Geert, un valiente admirable. Eso sí: que no se olvide del resto.

    Montcalm for Cordelia for Lear

    The Psychology of Liberalism

    O la psicología de la progrez. Breve, al grano. Extractos:

    «…On a psychological level, liberalism is easy to define: Liberalism is the glorification of self-destructive behavior. If you do something that is harmful to yourself, society gives you a carrot. Self-inflicting wounds also release endorphins. It feels good for those who relish in self-abasement.

    If you become a homosexual, society gives you a carrot. If you have an abortion, society gives you a carrot. If you protest capitalism, society gives you a carrot. If you breed a mulatto out of your womb, society gives you a carrot. If you glorify ‘diversity’ (which is code speak for displacement), society gives you a carrot.

    Society also incentivizes aggressive behavior in non-European peoples. If blacks riot, society listens to their demands. If Mexicans protest and burn the American flag, society gives them amnesty and a license to rape and pillage. If Muslims terrorise the US, we elect a Muslim president, and so on.

    There are two, and only two possibilities for the future of European and Diaspora European peoples: they will either grow immune to the virus of liberalism, or they will go extinct, due to the virus…»

    «…The Russian and the Polish populations have an incredibly strong immunity to Cultural Marxism due to their longer exposure to it. Over time I have full confidence that we will to, but we must develope a vaccine for it, and we must isolate and expose the Womb of Cultural Marxism (the hive), which is academia.

    The first generation of Yuri Bezhmenov planted Marxist professors tought their Critical Theory Virus to the next generation, which in turn passes it on to the next, which in turn has led to the dominant ideology of today.

    If you refuse to at least pretend that you have been implanted with the virus then you will most certainly not graduate college and enter into influential positions in government and the private sector.

    Therefore, one of our primary goals should be getting qualified rightists into positions of academic authority in order to counter the womb of Cultural Marxists and to breed a new generation of Patriots that will help to destroy the Plague…«

  2. Y aún así, no me cabe duda habrá gente que dirá esta estadística «no demuestra nada». Pavoroso.

    Se hace necesario, cada minuto más que el anterior, el cambiar las leyes para poder deportar a todo inmigrante que delinca y prohibirle su entrada en Europa por 10,20 años..o para siempre según el delito.

    Lo que no puede ser es que estos delincuentes salgan luego de nuevo a las calles para volver a hacerlas: que se vayan a sus paises a robar, violar, etc.

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