EE. UU.: Docenas de adolescentes atacan a una familia blanca

Esa no es la verdadera noticia. La verdadera es que la policía no ve claro el odio racial (Ohio: 50 Black Teens Attack White Family)

Akron police say they aren’t ready to call it a hate crime or a gang initiation.

But to Marty Marshall, his wife and two kids, it seems pretty clear.

It came after a family night of celebrating America and freedom with a fireworks show at Firestone Stadium. Marshall, his family and two friends were gathered outside a friend’s home in South Akron.

Out of nowhere, the six were attacked by dozens of teenage boys, who shouted «This is our world» and «This is a black world» as they confronted Marshall and his family.

«Este es nuestro mundo. Es un mundo negro». ¿Racismo?

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