Javier Solana, a sueldo del lobby armamentístico europeo


«Con su aspecto de de tío-abuelo y su cara de pena ha disimulado su política belicista».  Se refieren a nuestro Solana, el bombardero de Kosovo (Good Riddance to Javier Solana). El secretario de la OTAN que hizo campaña contra ella en sus años mozos (foto).

No sabía que también esté a sueldo del lobby armamentismo europeo:

That margin certainly exists but it is becoming increasingly slender thanks to the activities of the European defence agency, which Solana heads (in one of his several overlapping roles). Established following intense campaigning (pdf) by Europe’s three largest defence firms – BAE Systems, Thales and EADS – this official EU body has been given an explicit mandate by the Lisbon treaty to pressurise governments into raising their defence budgets at a time when they are slashing those for health and education. Determined to do its bit for the industry in these difficult economic circumstances, the agency’s website provides arms companies with all the information they need on how to win government contracts; its «long-term vision», meanwhile, emphasises that if Europe is to sustain a «globally competitive» defence industry it must address how the US is outspending it «six to one» on inventing new weapons.

When he is not accumulating air miles, Solana regularly shoots the breeze with those characters who trade in instruments of death. He is a patron, for example, of Security and Defence Agenda, a think-tank funded by the arms industry with the aim of forging a consensus around the «need» for higher military spending.

Una joya.

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