Canadá: Jefe indio echa de la tribu a los blancos y los mestizos

Además dice que no se trata de “limpieza étnica”, sino de “conservación del patrimonio indígena” (Mohawk the Model):

Mohawk Chief Says Eviction of Non-Natives From Community Not Ethnic Cleansing

MONTREAL — The Mohawk grand chief of the Kahnawake reserve south of Montreal doesn’t like hearing comments that describe the upcoming eviction non-natives from his community as “ethnic cleansing.”

As many as 26 residents considered “non-native” are being forced from the reserve, receiving eviction notices informing them they have 10 days to leave.

Grand Chief Mike Delisle says it’s always been clear that Mohawks living on the reserve must leave the territory if they marry outside the community.

“People out in the exterior Canadian society should educate themselves before they formulate their own opinion,” he said in an interview with The Canadian Press.

“This isn’t about ethnic cleansing. It’s about self-preservation.”

Les ha dado diez días para abandoner la tribu a los blancos y mestizos. Como se entere Esteban Ibarra, menudo rapapolvos que le cae al individuo.

Mientras tanto, los blancos siguen flagelándose: Avatar como sumatorio progresista de traumas yankis

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  1. Que es exactamente lo que tienen que hacer si no desean desaparecer. Es lo que hacen los chinos o los gitanos, por poner dos modelos radicalmente opuestos. Sin barreras de entrada, costes de salida y solidaridad grupal (que proporciona beneficios prácticos de carácter competitivo) no hay colectividad humana del tipo que sea que sobreviva ni media hora rodeada de una masa ajena o enfrentados ante un desplazamiento demográfico. Son condiciones necesarias.

    Si un individuo es muy libre de casarse con quien desee también lo es la colectividad a la que daña de protegerse de las consecuencias de sus actos. Si cualquiera puede ser mohicano entonces los mohicanos no existen. Si ser mohicano consiste en unos «valores» vaporosos, unas «costumbres» que se puedan adquirir en un cursillo o una categoría legal abstracta que se pueda «ungir» sobre cualquiera porque se ha empadronado aquí o allá entonces yo mañana puedo ser mohicano. O masai. O ruso. O lo que quiera.

    Con los derechos que eso otorga, como vivir en una reserva exenta de impuestos… O en España con acceso a sanidad, educación, vivienda pública, asistencia social, cursos laborales . . . etc, etc. 😉

    Al final todo vuelve a reducirse a lo mismo una y otra vez: «Blut und Boden» o «Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité… ou la mort». Y punto pelota. Claro, que luego están los libertistas a los que eso les parece de perlas. Pero ya sabemos que de ésos hay que tomar lo que merece la pena y dejar el resto.

    Yo a lo que venía: a traer un sitio magnífico. Una criatura de Paul Gottfried, Tomislav Sunic, Richard Spencer, Alex Kurtagic y demás. Variados y no revueltos. Interesantísimo. Nace con la vocación declarada de ser la alternativa «tradicionalista» (a la americana) a la deriva de TakiMag y a la reciente captura de The American Conservative por los neocon inmigracionistas (quien se lo iba a contar a Pat Buchanan cuando lo fundó).

    Efectivamente es vital poner fin a esta maldita autoflagelación. La cultura de la culpa. El «White Guilt» que nos está hundiendo.

  2. Me ha gustado bastante este comentario del hombre de los fiordos:

    «No Baron, under Multiculturalism whites are not allowed to exist undisturbed, not even in the countries where they are the natives such as mine. Which brings us back to a discussion we have started here earlier. If you say that Western elites, or perhaps we should call them transnational oligarchs as «elites» is how they like to view themselves, are actively involved in dismantling their own civilization then you are quickly denounced as a «conspiracy nut.»

    But consider how all Western oligarchs reacted to the democratic rejection of minarets in Switzerland: They immediately, from Washington to London, attacked the Swiss and began with thinly veiled threats against them. We often talk about «cultural suicide,» but in this well-documented case the Swiss did not want to commit national suicide; it is the transnational Western Multicultural oligarchs who want them to do so. This Globalist agenda is deliberate and well-organized, not accidental.

    I am reluctant to use any Marxist words or phrases since I absolutely loathe Marxism, but in certain situations it may make some sense to employ the term «class.» There are many angles to use in order to understand what’s going on. On one level you can see it as a struggle where the ruling upper classes use mass immigration to intimidate the middle classes and keep them in line while depressing the wages of the underclass. The irony is that the upper classes in doing so are making common cause with the Marxists, who like mass immigration because it destroys the West and because they can use millions of people as guinea pigs for their experiments in social engineering. The ruling oligarchs of the Western world feel no ethnic loyalty whatsoever with other whites. On the contrary, they despise them. Our political system is broken.

    I have used the term «neo-feudalism» or «bureaucratic feudalism» before. However, we should remember that feudalism was a necessary transitional stage in European history, and the nobles back then did not mass import Muslims and other hostile aliens to rape and displace their own people. Today’s oligarchs do.

    One label that has been suggested for these people is transnational Socialists or transnazis. On one level this is good, but these days people often associate the prefix trans- with transsexuals and transvestites. Consequently, if you use the term «transnazi» many will picture a cross-dressing version of Hermann Göring.»

  3. Y éste es casi mejor:

    «urbanadder22: What is going on is very unfortunate but it can be fixed, although in less pleasant ways than most of us would prefer.

    As I wrote in my essay Why Did Europeans Create the Modern World? and as Michael H. Hart states in his book Understanding Human History, in a conflict between different peoples the ones with the highest IQ will normally win, unless they are numerically overwhelmed by other high-IQ peoples as the Germans and the Japanese were during the Second World War.

    Some would say that the mass immigration of many low-IQ peoples to white majority Western nations at the turn of the twenty-first century constitutes a major counter-example to this rule, but this development constitutes such an anomaly in world history that it must be treated as a special case. Western nations have not been military defeated. These immigrants/colonists would not have been able to settle in these countries if they couldn’t exploit the deranged altruism and political-ideological flaws of the modern West, and they have always received substantial aid from high-IQ groups within the West itself, among them white Marxists. The low-IQ immigrants are pawns for high-IQ Western Multicultural oligarchs to dismantle our countries, control the wages of the white majority and keep us in line through hate speech laws.

    That sounds depressing, and it is, but as soon as we recognize this situation we can fight it. We need to realize that our so-called political leaders no longer represent us or our long-term interests. The democratic system is broken. In the USA in 2008 you could vote for a radical anti-white Marxist who wanted mass immigration by aliens and a «conservative» who also wanted mass immigration of aliens. It’s a fraud.

    There really is only one major party in the West today and that’s the Transnational Anti-White Party for Multiculturalism and Mass Immigration. You retain, for the time being, the privilege of voting for who should be its figurehead at any given moment, but you do not get to have a say about which policy the Party should follow. That is reserved for the oligarchs. The peasants -that means you – can be distracted by tits, football and reality TV. Those who still protest can be labeled «Nazis» and dragged in front of a court of law.

    All of the Leftist parties are fully in favor of dismantling the West in its traditional form. That requires no explanation. The problem is that the establishment so-called right-wing parties, too, support mass immigration and Multiculturalism. Whatever genuine opposition there is can be found on the political Right, but it is fragmented, and the ones who pose a serious challenge to the oligarchs and the status quo they represent will be ruthlessly demonized; assassinated like Pim Fortuyn in the Netherlands, put on trial like Geert Wilders, banned by law as the Vlaams Blok when it was the largest party in Belgium or assaulted in their private homes by state-sponsored thugs, as is the case with the Sweden Democrats. The democratic system has for all practical purposes been abolished on much of the European continent through the EUSSR; real power has been transferred into the hands of an entrenched caste of self-recruiting bureaucrats and transnational Socialists, always on the lookout for more serfs to use as guinea pigs for their grandiose social engineering schemes.

    The status quo won’t last, though, because it is based on a series of Great Lies. There will be a massive financial crash throughout the Western world within the coming generation. The bad news is that many Westerners have become addicted to government handouts just like a drug addict is addicted to heroin and will probably scream for even more Socialism when this happens. Some undoubtedly will, but if we play our cards right we might have a chance to get rid of Multiculturalism. The future belongs to those who are prepared for it.»

  4. Muy bien. Ellos quieren conservarse puros y no quieren ni blancos ni mestizos (la condición de mestizo es muy triste). Pero ¿por qué se nos niega a los blancos los que otros reivindican?¿Por qué los blancos no podemos reivindicar nuestra pureza racial? Pues igualmente lo haremos.
    Los europeos tienen que reivindicar su pureza de sangre, y los beneficios, los privilegios y las obligaciones que ser europeo supone, tienen que ser sólo para los descendientes de los pueblos aborígenes de Europa. O sea: blancos al 100%.
    Si no lo hacemos, simplemente desapareceremos de la faz de la tierra, y la tierra que heredamos de nuestros ancestros y que debería de pasar a nuestros hijos, será ocupada por razas extrañas e invasoras. Ya las tenemos aquí, reproduciéndose aceleradamente y sustituyéndonos. Y los poderes establecidos junto con sus siervos los medios de comunicación, nos niegan hasta el derecho a quejarnos, a decir que no queremos que nos eliminen. Que no queremos renunciar a la herencia de nuestra sangre y no queremos razas extranjeras en Europa.
    Los indios lo pueden decir. Los negros lo dicen, los judíos lo dicen, los árabes lo dicen. Sólo a los blancos nos están negando hasta el derecho más básico: el derecho a seguir siendo lo que somos.
    Y amigos, yo por ahí no paso.






    • Los judíos son una raza. Todos ellos comparte un buen número de genes comunes. Ellos se tienen por raza y están orgullosos de serlo. Si tu te conviertes a su fe, cosa que ellos no desean, serás un converso, no uno de ellos. Tus hijos jamás podrán ser rabinos porque serán hijos de un converso y así etc, etc. ¿No os habeis dado cuenta que ellos nunca hacen proselitismo?.

  6. The Mohawk grand chief

    Los Mohawk casi los extreminaron los ingleses usandolos como fuerza de choque contra los franceses en las guerras coloniales , son una rama escindida de la Nacion de los Hurones , hoy ya extintos. Me parece bien que se cuiden porque son los únicos que quedan.

  7. Me parece bien, aqui o hacemos lo mismo o simplemente desapareceremos como raza. Los arios de Pakistán, Irán o la India, tampoco suelen mezclarse con las demás razas, incluso aunque compartan religión. El rollito del mestizaje y la multiculturalidad solo se da en Occidente. Los blancos o mejor dicho, arios, no llegamos apenas al 9% del total de la Humanidad. Nos hablan de minorias étnicas, cuando nosotros somos la minoría étnica ya.

  8. Spain un momento Anda tio jefe blanco que aras ahora en el 2010 si tu ya no tienes ni ideas por lo menos quereme ten malas ideas alguna buena no chato estas gracioso en el caballo de seattle de tu papito que mia es tatatio o etc te vi como te caias jajajajajaja esque no te controlabas o ke anda tio papa que estas joven para tonterias de esas

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