Premio Nóbel de literatura 2008, concedido a un francés que realmente no lo es

El de la Paz se lo dieron a un Finlandés por trabajar por la secesión de una parte del territorio de un estado legítimo. Veamos:

The French writer J.M.G. Le Clézio, whose work reflects a seemingly insatiable restlessness and sense of wonder about other places and other cultures…

… explorer of a humanity beyond and below the reigning civilization.»

Having lived and taught in many parts of the world, he writes as fluently about Algerian immigrants in France, native Indians in Central America and islanders in the Indian Ocean as he does about his own past.

… travelled to Nigeria with his family and spent a year out of school…

He studied English at Bristol University … wrote his doctoral thesis for the University of Perpignan on the early history of Mexico.

He has spent several years living among the Embera Indians in Panama and has expressed his fascination with indigenous people and literature by publishing translations of Mayan sacred texts. (…)

«This ecological dimension can only please the Swedes»

En una palabra, se lo han dado por progre. Literalmente:

«We are in an ideological bent, not purely literary,» he said.

Se trata de un asunto ideológico, no puramente literario. No hace falta que lo juren.

Le Clézio Wins Nobel Prize for France

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