Turquía: El Gobierno despide al director de un revista científica por dedicar un monográfico a Darwin

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La evolución contradice el Corán:

(ANSAmed) – ANKARA, MARCH 11 – The Republican People’s Party in Turkey (CHP, the secular, left-wing opposition) has presented a motion in Parliament against the decision of the major scientific institution in Turkey to censure an article and cover of a magazine dedicated to Charles Darwin, the British naturalist known as the father of the theory of evolution, a theory that is incompatible with the teachings of the Koran, the sacred text of Islam, which proposes creationism instead. This was emphatically reported today by the secular press, pointing out that the case of Cigdem Atakuman, director of «Science and Technology» who was fired by the magazine’s publishing house for wanting to dedicate the cover-page and a 16 page story to Darwin in the most recent issue of the magazine. Atakuman – despite denials today by State Minister Mehmet Aydin – was fired by Professor Omar Cebeci, Turkish Vice-President of Scientific Research and Technology (Tubitak), who publishes the magazine. Atakuman had decided to dedicate the cover and a story to Darwin for the 200th anniversary of Darwin’s birth, for which UNESCO has dedicated the year 2009. According to CHP and various secular dailies ,the censuring practiced by Tubitak constitutes political meddling by the pro-Islamic Justice and Development Party (AKP, Premier Tayyip Erdogan’s party) in power since 2002, which according to critics, is trying to impose Islam upon Turkish society. After years of financial and administrative autonomy, last August, Tubitak’s regulations were changed giving President of the Republic Abdullah Gul (AKP) the power to nominatethe president, Nekey Yetis, whose candidacy was rejected by the ex-president (secular) Ahmet Necdet Sezer. For Hurriyet’, the controversial decision of the Tubitak represents «a flagrant example of flattery by the government», while for secular party ‘Vatan’, it is «a scandalous censorship that will enter into the annals of the history of science». (ANSAmed).

Turkey: Controversy After Darwin Censured on Science Magazine

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