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  1. El Montcalm Exterminador

    El Caso Bugnini es escandaloso (y una lectura de intriga insuperable). Así sí que se entiende la naturaleza del CVII:

    A Dying Cardinal (Se podría hacer una película sobre esto)

    Vatican journal: Bugnini was a Mason (Este añade respecto al tercer y último enlace unos fragmentos de las cartas supuestamente intercambiadas entre Bugnini –el «Hermano Buan»– y el Gran Fantoche de la masonería italiana)

    The End of One Mystery…

  2. Montcalm Literario

    Open Book: Philip Marchand on Reflections on the Revolution in Europe, by Christopher Caldwell

    The argument of Christopher Caldwell’s Reflections on the Revolution in Europe: Immigration, Islam, and the West (Knopf) is simple. “Europe’s decision to welcome millions of foreigners was made at a time when it was not of sound mind and body, in a political landscape drawn up by Hitler and Stalin,” Caldwell writes. The post-war elites of Western Europe thought immigrants would fill short-term gaps in the labour force and then go home. “No one assumed they would ever be eligible for welfare. That they would retain the habits and cultures of southern villages, clans, marketplaces and mosques was a thought too bizarre to entertain.”

    For marginal economic benefits — Turkish “guest workers” in West Germany were employed in obsolete industries, like coal mines — Western Europe opened the gates to an old foe. Half the immigrants were Muslims, steeped in a religion that made a poor fit with the hedonistic, secularized, guilt-ridden, human-rights culture of the host countries. For a variety of reasons, including moral self-loathing arising from a history of colonialism and memories of the Holocaust, these countries have found it impossible to stop the subsequent flow of immigrants. At the same time, native European birth rates continue to fall, while immigrant birth rates, particularly of Muslims, remain high. For a country like Sweden, with a rising population of extremely un-Swedish newcomers, isolated in ghettoes with virtually no employment and little contact with the larger society, cultural Armageddon looms…

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