Las Grandes Herejías: El “modernismo”. [REPOSICION]

Belloc tiene problemas para darle nombre, creo además que es la parte m;ás floja, por que el vivir en ella le impide la ventaja de la “perspectiva histórica”. Incluye el capitalismo, el liberalismo, el colectivismo solcialista (incluido el nacionalsocialista). Habla de neopaganismo, uno de cuyos frutos es la esclavitud:

First, we are witnessing a revival of slavery, the necessary result of denying free will when that denial goes one step beyond Calvin and denies responsibility to God as well as lack of power in man. The two forms of slavery which are gradually appearing and will as time goes on be more and more matured under the effect of the modern attack upon the Faith, are slavery to the State and slavery to private corporations and individuals.

Terms are used so loosely nowadays; there is such a paralysis in the power of definition, that almost any sentence using current phrases may be misinterpreted. If I were to say, «slavery under capitalism,» the word «capitalism» would mean different things to different men. It means to one group of writers (what I must confess it means to me when I use it) «the exploitation of the masses of men still free by a few owners of the means of production, transport and exchange.» When the mass of men are dispossessed_own nothing_they become wholly dependent upon the owners; and when those owners are in active competition to lower the cost of production the mass of men whom they exploit not only lack the power to order their own lives, but suffer from want and insecurity as well.

Creo que se equivoca con su antiliberalismo. En cualquier caso, no sabemos el desenlace de este nuevo ataque:

The Modern Attack is far more advanced than is generally appreciated. It is always so with great movements in the story of mankind. It is yet another case of a «time-lag.» A power upon the eve of victory appears to be but half-way to its goal_even perhaps to be checked. A power in the full spring of its early energy appears to contemporaries to be a small precarious experiment.

The modern attack on the Faith (the latest and most formidable of all) has advanced so far that we can already affirm one all-important point quite clearly: of two things one must happen, one of two results must become definite throughout the modern world. Either the Catholic Church (now rapidly becoming the only place wherein the traditions of civilization are understood and defended) will be reduced by her modern enemies to political impotence, to numerical insignificance, and, so far as public appreciation goes, to silence; or the Catholic Church will, in this case as throughout the past, react more strongly against her enemies than her enemies have been able to react against her; she will recover and extend her authority, and will rise once more to the leadership of civilization which she made, and thus recover and restore the world.

In a word, either we of the Faith shall become a small persecuted neglected island amid mankind, or we shall be able to lift at the end of the struggle the old battle-cry, «<Christus Imperat>!»

En fin, antes de esa batalla tenemos que solucionar el ataque del Islam al resto del mundo, en Especial a Europa. Creo que ateos y cristianos tenemos que ir de la mano, por la cuenta que nos trae.

The Modern Phase

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