Reino Unido: Los musulmanes controlan el 98% de las peleas de perros, que se han multiplicado por diez en cinco años a pesar de ser ilegales

nullIlegales y muy crueles, como demuestran estas fotos (Muslims are ringleaders of 98% of Dogfighting in UK):

There has been a huge increase in the numbers of dog fighting rings in Britain – a country well known for it’s love of their dogs. But since the Labour government foisted rampant legal and illegal muslim immigration upon the British people – under the guise of multiculturalism – the prevalence of dogfigting has mushroomed. Primarily bull breed dogs are being used for this blood sport but even cats are abused for «fun».

«David Grant, of the RSPCA’s Harmsworth animal hospital in north London said the capital was a hotspot for dog fighting in the streets. Merseyside, West Yorkshire and the West Midlands have also been identified by the RSPCA as areas with a similar problem. LINK

2004: 24
2005: 36
2006: 137
2007: 358 (132 street fighting)
2008: 284 (188 street fighting)
Source: RSPCA. Figures for England and Wales»

La crisis no parece afectar al negocio.

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  1. Moros hipócritas luego protestan por la foto de un perro que aparece en un cartel de la policía:

    A postcard featuring a cute puppy sitting in a policeman’s hat advertising a Scottish police force’s new telephone number has sparked outrage from Muslims.

    Tanto miedo que le tienen a los perros, deberían soltarles pitbulls que les destrocen la garganta a los sucios moros hipócritas.

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