Kuwait: Suspende pagos el mayor banco de inversión, incapaz de refinanciar su deuda

Será que no practicaban la banca islámica:

Global Investment House, Kuwait’s biggest investment bank, defaulted on most of its loan repayments as the freezing of global credit markets hampered refinancing of short-term debt. GIH had a capital-repayment default on its syndicated loan facility in December, it continues to service interest and coupon payments

Aunque le echan la culpa al gobierno, y al «conflicto palestino»:

A mix of poor management of the economic crisis in Kuwait, epitomised by the default of Global Investment House, following the failed attempt by the government to stabilise the situation  makes appetite for risk in the region very limited  – a trend exacerbated by the conflict in Gaza, which adds to uncertainty (BNP)

No es mala noticia, cuanto menos dinero tengan menos podrán dedicar a infiltrar Occidente.

Kuwait Financial Sector: Global Investment House Defaults Heralding Further Deterioration?

Sameer A. Al-Gharaballi, Executive Vice President at Global

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