Informe sobre los derechos humanos en Arabia Saudí: Los infieles tienen libertad para practicar su culto en privado

Es imperdonable que no se ponga coto a esta desfachatez:

Islam supplements, rather than undermines, international human rights standards and Saudi Arabia derives its values from all sources provided that they are compatible with the objectives called for by the Islamic Shariah, Al-Hussein said.

The Shariah pays special attention to the rights of vulnerable groups, such as, minorities and non-Muslims, and, in fact, the Shariah grants women extensive rights.

The government of Saudi Arabia acknowledges that there are some human rights violations attributable to individual practices, and many of these violations fall within the context of domestic violence, he said.

Habría que aplicar una reciprocidad estricta, y dejarse de «diálogos».

Non-Muslims ‘free to worship in private’ | EuropeNews

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