Holanda: El Partido Democristiano incluye oración islámica en el “libro de meditaciones”.

Es costumbre del partido empezar las reuniones (imagino que las solemnes) con una meditación. En la última edición del “libro de meditaciones” del partido han sido incluidas dos oraciones islámicas escritas por un parlamentario y un candidato a parlamentario del partido:

The book, called “Reflections for political meetings,” will be distributed among the CDA regional branches. The meditations were written by a variety of CDA members: Roman Catholics, Protestants, one Jew and two Muslims: MP Ceskun Coruz and ex-candidate MP Ayhan Tonca.

For his contribution to the book, Tonca has drawn on poetry of the 14th century Turkish poet Yunus Emre: “Allah praising and extolling, for his qualities so unique, with godly reflection time after time, shall I call on you, Lord, O Lord!” is in his contemplation.

In 2006, Tonca was a CDA candidate for the Lower House, but failure to recognise the Armenian genocide by Turkey (1915-1917) led to his withdrawal. The Turkish parliament then awarded Tonca the distinction of ‘honorary parliamentarians.’

Tonca also chaired the Muslims and Government Consultative Body (CMO). In this function, he termed the meanwhile world-famous Danish Mohammed cartoons “unacceptable”.

Una joya. Con los “democristianos” nunca ganaremos para sustos.

Netherlands: CDA Introduces Islamic Prayer Before Party Meetings

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