Arrecia la persecución de los cristianos de Orissa: El gobierno local cierra los campos de refugiados; los cristianos piden a la ONU que les conceda estatus de apátridas

Se agrava la situación  de los cristianos de Orissa. El gobierno cierra los campos en los que están refugiados:

El gobierno indio no puede/quiere actuar, por lo que los cristianos se hayan indefensos ante el gobierno local, que deja hacer a los hinduistas. Los cristianos han pedido a la ONU que intervenga y les conceda estatus de apátridas, lo que favorecería su acogida en otros países como refugiados («Christians of Orissa Appeal to UN as «Stateless Citizens«):

New Delhi (AsiaNews) – The government of Orissa is closing the refugee camps and driving out thousands of Christians, without food or shelter. In the meantime, the violence continues, denounced as a genocide to the United Nations, which is being asked for immediate intervention.

Fr. Manoj Digal of the archdiocesan social service center tells AsiaNews, «One of the three relief camps in Baliguda was shut down on Oct 15th, and 900 people sent away. It is ridiculous, these people have nowhere to go, they are defenseless, moreover they have been given just 10 kg of rice per family. How will they live? The government has not even given them tents, where will our people stay? They have lost everything, they are reduced to nothing, moreover, the looming fear of reconversion to Hinduism, if they return to their villages they can only stay as Hindus. The government has not ensured any security for these Christians. There is a grave risk and threat to their lives terror still haunting them, moreover, now radical women’s groups who are terrorising the Christian women. Our people are destitute.»


«These Orissa Christians and others to follow,» he concludes, «express the desire to be termed Prima Facie Refugees and urge you, through the UNHCR to deem them so, in order that they can be covered by a legal framework to protect their human dignity from rights violations and abuse. Currently, they along with tens of thousands, are a stateless people, as the writ of the government of India does not run large in the state of Orissa.» «Tens of thousands such as these will either be killed by the Hindu extremists or will die of injury and malnourishment, if no attention is paid immediately. Many of these are old, women, children, babies, clergy. who are the most vulnerable sections. We appeal to you on humanitarian grounds, not take a strictly legalistic view, as precious lives are being lost by every day, even as blood is split by the hour.» «We also appeal to the UN and its world agencies, to exercise its power and influence, to protect lives and prevent further killings in India or discrimination on the basis of race, religion or caste.»

Como éramos pocos, ahora empiezan a hacer ruido estos.

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