La Fundación Anna Frank, contra Wilders

El recuerdo del antisemitismo como argumento para no combatir la islamización… una vez más.

A second dubious source for René Danen is the report by the Anne Frank Foundation of Leiden University [see correction], which is produced with the questionable methods of the «scientific» researcher Jaap van Donselaar. [for Dutch readers, the article on the pseudo-science of Jaap van Donselaar can be read here]. It is not a coincidence that this report – in which the PVV is pushed into a fascist corner – was published just before the handling of the complaints against Geert Wilders by the Amsterdam Court. And again, the ammunition came from the politically biased anti-racism warriors.

[Correction from Carel via the comments: To put things right: Anne Frank Stichting is not part of Leiden University, but is the foundation that works in the memory of Anne Frank, the Jewish girl that was murdered by the Nazis and wrote the famous diary. The Anne Frank Stichting combats racism and anti-Semitism as well. Mr. Van Donselaar, who wrote the biased report, works for both institutions, Leiden University and the Anne Frank Foundation.]

Atención también a esto:

Strangely enough, René Danen does not act against racism and extremism in his own ranks. NBK [committee of recommendation here] works continuously in association with the Trotskyite International Socialists (IS). An activist for Netherlands Admits Color (NBK) is Miriyam Aouragh [here and here and here], a prominent IS member, in 2004 a speaker at the commemoration of Hamas Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and in constant solidarity with the anti-Semitic terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah that aim for the destruction of all Jews.

Nuevamente vemos a la caterva de onegetas trotskistas agitando el fantasma del antirracismo. Como en España hace Ibarra y su Movimiento Contra la Intolerancia (Esteban Ibarra, de militante de grupo terrorista a promotor (subvencionado) de «la tolerancia». APOYA LA DENUNCIA por injurias y difamación contra él). ¿Alguien se cree que sea coincidencia?

Garbage In, Garbage Out

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