Mucho hablar de banca islámica, sin embargo los bancos centrales de los países árabes aplican todos interés

Que me lo explique Crispal (In partibus infidelium)…

Saudi Arabia
— Cut its repurchase rate by 50 basis point to 2.5% on Dec. 16 ahead of the US Fed announcement. It also reduced its reverse repurchase rate by 50 basis points  to 1.5% (Standard Chartered).. Repo rate (benchmark lending rate) was previously reduced to 3% in Nov but remains lower than interbank rate so may have little market effect (SCB) – Reserve requirement cut from 13% to 10% in Oct and to 7% in Nov reverses increases in spring and summer

-May not follow suit in interest rate cut in Dec 08, repeating the decision in October. The repo rate currently stands at 1.5% (Standard Chartered).- UAE reduced its overnight repo rate by 15bps to 2% in Apr to curb dirham reval bets- Lowered yield on CDs by 40bps in Nov

-Cut its benchmark interest rate by half a percentage point on Dec 17 to 3.75%, following the U.S. Federal Reserve’s decision to reduce its target rate to near zero (Bloomberg).
– Slashed discount rate (benchmark lending rate) to 4.5% in Oct from 5.75% – Slashed repo rate (benchmark deposit rate) to 2.5% in Oct from 3.5%- Aug 6, closed window that allowed inter-bank flows to use the central bank’s FX window

– Reduced 1-week deposit rate 25bps to 1.75% in Oct
– Overnight deposit rate cut 25bps to 1.25% in Oct
– Repo rate reduced in Oct to 3.5%

– Cut deposit rate 25% to 2% in Apr
– Lending rate left unchanged at 5.5% in Jan
– Reserve requirement raised by 50bps to 3.25% in Dec 07

– Reserve requirement raised from 5% of total deposits to 8% in June
– Lending ratio raised from 87.5% to 82.5% in June
– Interest ceiling on personal loans lowered from 8.5% to 8% in June
– Slashed repo rate by 220 bps in November to 1.96%

Fuente: RGE Monitor.

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