Suspendieron los acuerdos de Schengen (libre circulación de personas) durante la reunión de Davos. Para la seguridad de los “grandes hombres de estado”

Esto retrata el cinismo de nuestros señores europeos. No dudan en suspender los acuerdos que ellos mismos nos aplican cuando se trata de garantizar su propia seguridad. Sucedió ya durante la celebración del 60 aniversario del Desembarco de Normandía:

Ainsi, comme la France l’avait fait lors des cérémonies du 60ème anniversaire du débarquement en Normandie en juin 2004, on rétablit les filtres à immigration clandestine pour les « grands de ce monde » alors qu’on les ouvre tout le reste du temps pour les peuples Européens sous prétexte que les frontières seraient bien gardées aux contours de l’Europe, cela suffisant, les frontières internes devenant soit disant obsolètes, signe d’un «frileux repli sur soi nationaliste»…

Nos cuentan también que aquella constitución que rechazamos y que nos han vuelto a meter como tratado prohíbe el control de fronteras… Les da lo mismo, saben que el 90% de los europeístas son unos perfectos pánfilos y tragarán con lo que sea.

Davos: les accords de Schengen suspendus !

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  1. A ver si le suena a alguien esta forma de actuar

    Three Faces of Intolerance

    The Southern Poverty Law Center conducted a totally objective and impartial secret trial, and had no choice but to convict and condemn three «immigration-restriction» groups of the unforgiveable sin of — «intolerance»:

    «Three Washington, D.C.- based immigration-restriction organizations stand at the nexus of the American nativist movement: the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS), and NumbersUSA. Although on the surface they appear quite different — the first, the country’s best-known anti-immigrant lobbying group; the second, an “independent” think tank; and the third, a powerful grassroots organizer — they are fruits of the same poisonous tree.»

    That poisonous tree is none other than «The Puppeteer,» a shadowy, mysterious figure who’s secretly in charge of the major «nativist» organizations the SPLC condemns. But now «The Puppeteer» has been unmasked as none other than John Tanton, an eeeevil ophthalmologist who controls the minds of his zombie-like followers with the radioactive glasses he prescribes.

    Or something like that.

    Actually, the SPLC’s method of operation sounds like a Star Chamber reconstituted for the Age of Obama:

    «Court sessions were held in secret, with no indictments, no right of appeal, no juries, and no witnesses. Evidence was presented in writing. Over time it evolved into a political weapon and has became a symbol of the misuse and abuse of power by the English monarchy and courts.»

    And — what a coincidence! — today’s news also reports the National Hispanic Media Coalition (NHMC) has requested the Federal Communications Commission to investigate the connection between «hate speech,» that is, opposition to amnesty for illegal aliens, and hate crimes against Latinos. They even released this report in anticipation of getting what they want:

    ‘NHMC is optimistic that with Obama’s election, the FCC will examine the issue of hate speech on the public airwaves. Last September, Obama told the Congressional Hispanic Caucus during a campaign appearance:

    «This election is about the 12 million people living in the shadows, the communities taking immigration enforcement into their own hands … they’re counting on us to stop the hateful rhetoric filling our airwaves, rise above the fear and demagoguery, and finally enact comprehensive immigration reform.»‘

    That’s the formula: Terrify the opposition into silence, then push through your agenda. And it’s happening right now.

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