Suecia: 100.000 dólares para el estudio de la trompeta como símbolo fálico

Se trata de «examinar en detalle los conceptos que hacen de la trompeta indicador de virilidad»:

“The overarching question is to determine what mechanism and social and cultural connections in time and space form, create, and are re-created through the trumpet as a gender symbol. In order to discern these, it becomes necessary to problematize the notions of male and female and to examine closely the notions that are at work and create the trumpet as a marker of manliness.

“Which norms are behind this? How are they expressed and what force do them seem to exert? The questions that guide me are: Which vocalities in the broad spectrum of trumpet vocalities are the norm and which vocalities are considered to be deviations and called female and male, respectively? What happens to the vocality when the trumpeter plays with a “female vocality”?

“To be able to uncover the construction of the image of the trumpet, I will also analyze trumpet debate in the academic tradition and in popular context. A similar study has never been done. The gender perspective has not been examined in trumpet research. In that way, the planned project will add an important new body of knowledge to the field.

Fiddling While Rome Burns

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