Turquía: Un millón de carnéts retirados en 10 años, el 90% a conductores borrachos

Y eso que son mahometanos…

(ANSAmed) – ANKARA, MARCH 12 – Road safety continues to be one of Turkey’s most serious problems, and as the newspaper Zaman reports today, it is almost impossible to reduce the number of road accidents, even when heavy fines are issued to drivers. The newspaper reveals how figures gathered by the General Directorate for publice safety show that police have stripped one million 32 thousand dangerous drivers of their licenses after they were considered to be driving in breach of the highway code. Some 907,335 driving licenses were withdrawn from individuals found driving in a state of drunkenness; 51,153 were withdrawn for speeding offences; 28,543 were withdrawn for various other offences. The same figures reveal that between 1999 and 2008, (in a country of just over 70 million inhabitants), road accidents led to the death of 5 million 943 thousand people, whilst one million 443 thousand people were injured on the roads. (ANSAmed).

No me creo la cifra del final, 6 millones de muertos por accidentes de tráfico en 10 años.

Turkey: One Million Driving Licences Withdrawn in 10 Years

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