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  1. Hablando de negación y de necios…

    Montcalm selectivo

    The Austrian Cure for Economic Illness/a>

    En un solo artículo –y bastante breve– un resumen ara todos los públicos de la escuela austríaca y de su visión de la Gran Depresión y de la crisis actual.

    Pero este es todavía mejor.

    The Economic Impact of Immigration: Paying for the Privilege

    Hay que leerlo y guardarlo. Por ejemplo:

    First, the immense influx of immigrants inadvertently unleashed by the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965, and the simultaneous collapse of the southern border, may raise GDP somewhat—but the bulk of that is captured by the immigrants themselves in the form of wages. Hence the Time article’s anecdotes of happy illegals, which the author evidently expects to be compelling.

    Second, the influx has been, in aggregate, of nugatory net benefit to native-born Americans. Thus, while immigration may not have caused the collapse of the Oregon timber industry, it certainly has not been a cure.

    Third, immigration interacts with government transfer-payment systems to impose a net loss on taxpayers. In some parts of the United States, this is really serious. In California it exceeded $1,000 per year for every native-born American household as long ago as 1996, according to the National Research Council’s report The New Americans. (…)

    Fourth, while immigration does not benefit native-born Americans in the aggregate, it does cause a significant redistribution of wealth among Americans—shifting as much as two percent of GDP from labor to capital, basically by beating down wages.

    Uno de esos artículos importantes.

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