La burbuja inmobiliaria llega a Gaza. La fiebre de los túneles ha dejado a muchos de sus propietarios arruinados

Mucha gente se endeudó para construir un túnel y ahora está en la ruina (Tunnel Fraud Leaves Gazans on Verge of Financial Ruin):

It has not only been Tawfiq and his neighbour who have lost out. The same stories are being repeated from Gaza City down to Khan Younis and up to Beit Hanoun: of people who sold their houses and cars, borrowed against dowries and from relatives to invest in tunnel schemes and got burnt.

And while some victims insist they know those who made large sums – mainly relatives of those managing the investments – they are angry that there appears to be no opportunity for restitution, and no proper explanation of what occurred.

In the «intolerable» situation that is Gaza, as described last week by President Barack Obama in Cairo, the lure of such schemes was understandable. With few opportunities to do business, trade or even work, the chance to make money out of the illicit cross-border trade with Egypt seemed like a godsend. But this is the tale of a Gaza success story that turned sour.

The victims name two companies run by Wael al-Rubi, in addition to that of Kurdi, as being the major movers behind the tunnel schemes, names confirmed by Zaza as being under investigation. While neither of these men was well known in Gaza business circles before the launch of the schemes, the men who sold the investments on their behalf were representatives of well-known merchant families.

Hamas está también metida en la «gestión de los túneles», como es natural.

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