El Marriot de Florida, demandado por cancelar una conferencia en la que participaba Wilders

La mejor forma de responder a la «yijad judicial» es con una «contrayijad judicial». Donde las dan las toman:

The Florida Security Council, a counterterrorism organization targeting the growing threat of radical Islamic terrorism, filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the Marriott Hotel in Delray Beach, Fla., for breach of contract for its abrupt cancellation of an appearance by controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

The council was sponsor of a free speech summit and conference in April in South Florida honoring Wilders.

The cancellation of the event came as a complete surprise to security council Director Tom Trento, who stated, «The fact that the Marriott sent me an e-mail at 7 p.m. on a Friday night canceling our well-planned event made it very plain to me that something was up. I suspected there was more here than a breach of contract.»

Espero que ganen una Buena compensación por danos y perjuicios.

Counterterrorism Group Sues Marriott Over Cancelled Wilders Event

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  1. Montcalm de Tasmania

    Dysfunctional Motherland: Reclaiming Ancestral Birthrights in Post-Imperial Britain

    Cortito y muy interesante. ¿Recuerdas como Italia se dedica a despreciar a los italoargentinos en favor del exotismo y la multirracialidad? Por supuesto se trata de una política sistemática de todo Occidente, como siempre ocurre con todas estas políticas autodestructivas. No es casualidad que se den las mismas ideas y situaciones en todos y cada uno de los países autóctonos de los europeos. No lo es.

    «…In a sane world, it ought to have been a straightforward procedure for my wife to reclaim her British citizenship in 1999, given her ancestral heritage. Indeed, at the time of World War II, anyone born anywhere in the British Empire was automatically a British subject.

    Unfortunately, however, my wife was born in the postmodern age, where a person’s heritage has been redefined by enlightened politicians as a social construct with no ancestral basis. Consequently, the small matter of one’s nationality is a legal construct to which any featherless biped has equal right of access, pending a bureaucratic process involving politically-correct forms—and (of course) the appropriate fees…

    The lawyers (ironically, like many of those keeping the gates within the civil service, of non-European extraction) stated that the process of naturalization would have been much easier, and indeed less costly, had my wife been “completely foreign”. And indeed, it appeared that applicants from Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Sierra Leone, poor, uneducated, instrumentally motivated, and with no blood-ties to Britain, were, after only a few years of residence in the United Kingdom, successfully naturalizing themselves without comparable legal hassle

    Of course. Lo contrario sería racista…

    «… That I write an article complaining about the bureaucratic perplexities and contortuplications of current British nationality legislation for VDARE.COM, an American immigration reform website, will seem ironic only in the largely foreign-originated Freudo-Marxist scholasticism of postmodern academia. For VDARE.COM readers, it will be obvious that a Motherland that is generous to distant strangers while reneging on her own children is a dysfunctional Motherland.

    Or, at least, a Motherland forced to do the inexplicable by Left-leaning utopians, ethnic radicals, and corrupt political opportunists—both the product and the beneficiaries of the “anti-racist” worldview of the intellectual elite, who have held Britain hostage since the end of World War II.

    Their ascendance in the wake of the British Empire’s dismantlement has left many overseas Britons without adequate legal sanctuary or a cogent legal identity.

    Until the academic fraudsters and the corrupt political elite are fumigated out of the centers of learning and purged from the seats of power, not just Mother Britain, but also Mother Europe, will continue increasingly to spurn her own progeny—however bright or capable—in favor of distant strangers of arguable merit and questionable motivation.»

    Plas, plas, plas.

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