Iniciativa misionera de los protestantes holandeses hacia los inmigrantes

Si Europa fuera cristiana aún, la inmigración sería una oportunidad (Netherlands: Missionizing among refugees):

«Why are we always so sad and Christians full of joy and peace?»  That is, according to Johanna Marten, one of the lamentations of Muslims.  Thursday was the last day of a conference week in Ambt Delden, which aimed to reach Muslims with the Gospel.

Of the 600 people who visited the Kroeze Danne center last week, 75% were Muslim, says organizer Johanna Marten, who herself comes from the Middle East.  She says they saw in those Muslims a hunger and thirst for Jesus.  «»Muslims see that Christians radiate something they don’t have.  In the last day we saw by them an intense interest for the Bible and Christianity.»

Por cierto, necesitan dinero.

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