A personal account of yesterday’s demo in Köln: Antifas block access to a demo: “We are the authority”. German police lines behind them.

Please note that this is just a personal account about my experience of the visit to Cologne yesterday, Saturday 20 September 2008. I do not write about the events on the day before, nor on the blocking of De Winter and other participants in the airport.

* * * * *

My colleague A [I will use initials as I do not know whether the persons mentioned want to be identified] and I arrived at 10:30 in Cologne. We had gone by car and parked to the other side of the river in Deutz neighbourhood (to the right in the map attached). Please note that the name of the tram-underground station is Deutzer Freiheit, which means the Deutz Freedom. This is very ironical. There is no more freedom in Germany, or in Cologne, or in Deutz of course. I am afraid that only a miracle could save us, or a very severe economic crisis that wakes up the citizens.

Our original plan was to cross the river and reach the Heumarkt, which was just to the other side. I phoned G, who I was going to meet, and who was already at Heumarkt. I was utterly naïve indeed thinking that I could meet her on the spot: there was no way to cross the river. The tram connexion was cancelled and the bridge was blocked by a line of antiriot police (we would later see in the afternoon, when we were able to cross it back, that it was full of police vans). Furthermore, the bridgehead was taken by some 100 or 200 “antifas”. I think that there could be around 5000 in total, including fellow travellers and Gutmensch. Please note that all the figures given are my own non-expert estimations.

We took a picture to a banner, and then tried to make some portraits of the antifas, but they told us unfriendly not to do it. The antifas were the usual brainless scum that you can expect. All in black, most with sunglasses and many with the collar or the hood of the pullover covering their mouth or head. I took some pictures of the groups from a safe distance.

I wonder what they actually think about themselves.





We had to go around and cross the bridge to the South (Severinsbrucke). We walked then along the river (Am Leystapel). By the middle of the way to the Heumarkt we found another group of antifas-lefties. These were more colourful and we took some photos of them, and even with them. But I do not show that one 🙂







 Friendly Italian commies

 What about relocating to Cuba? Or would you prefer North Korea?

Clowns without frontiers?


The police let the antifas do their own job.


Much easier that way, meinen Offizieren.


Would you like them as neighbours?



An appropriate son in law for our lefties, even our cons.


Nice employees for the company you manage, aren’t they?.

At a certain point we could not continue, the police that was supposedly separating the antifas for the “fas” were actually blocking the access to the former ones. I had not yet lost the faith in joining G at Heumarkt. We had kept frequent communication.

Which side was he really on? I think he is one of those»fascists». Just look at his eyes.


The only Muslims we saw.

Why showing up if both the left and the «moderate» right do it for you?

We had to tern left and then continue up (on the map). Again this was full of antifas-lefties. We took some more photos, then went to the old city streets (upper left part of the map), hoping that it would be easier though the narrow streets. We reached a stage in a small square. I thought this was our demo. No, it was not. This was just another counter demo, even if this was not packed with antifas. No, definitely they were just their fellow travellers.



Fellow travellers.


Wasn’t this another different war? Never mind!


«The day against the right»

Outrageous! They do not distinguish between «moderates» and extremists…

It was obviously not possible to enter the Heumarkt. I tried one of the narrow streets of the old city; there was a line of antifas with black clothing and sun glasses. They have even dared to place one of those plastic red-white stripes in front of them. I told one of them that I wanted to cross, they say no way. One of them spoke Spanish, and I ask her whether she was any authority, she confirmed it “we are the authority”.

A line of anti-riot police agents was only two meters behind them. I can not find a better image of the creeping Eurabian fascism: The police not only do not confront them, they cover their backs. Alternatively, we may think that the antifa-lefty militants are just the stormtroupers (Sturmabteilung?) of the formal police. They have even an excuse: the demo was officially cancelled “after leftist opponents of the rally clashed with its right-wing backers”, says Reuters. Curiously those responsible for the violence could demonstrate and control the streets with police complacency.


A hard day.

We tried finally from the Rheinuferstunnel, with similar results. We just sit down among the lefties after letting G know. We were concerned for the security of the surrounded colleagues. About an hour after G phoned me that they were going to be escorted out by the police.

We then went to meet at the hotel. There was a micro demo of Iranians protesting the flagrant violation of human rights by the pious Muslims that rule the Islamic republic. See their homemade stage.

It goes without saying that neither the lefties not the Gutmensch who are acting as the Trojan horse for the introduction of that criminal ideology of Islam paid any attention to this. We stoped to spoke to them. I may report later. I could not prevent thinking in the irony of all that.

At the hotel we were a group of six persons, later on joined by another two [I may indicate the names in an update after having their ok]. I knew one of them personally (G), and I met one person with whom I had had mail exchanges before! We had some drinks, commented on the events and on ourselves. We have become friends at first sight. A, who had met all for them for the first time, told me later on their clean look and honest faces. Yes, you would buy them a second hand car on their word (and a look to it, of course).

We returned to the Heumarkt. I was surprised to see that the charities of the German churches –Charitas, catholic, and Diakonie, protestant- had placed a banner with the evangelic quote in one of the houses:

 They refer to those nazis also called Jews.

Merchandising using the icon of mass murderer Che Guevara

‘Love your neighbor as yourself’

The next time they complain about the persecution of Christians –done mostly by Muslims- we may remind them of another one: “If someone strikes you on the right cheek, turn to him the other also.”

Students from Colonia say no to Pro-Koln. «Against the extremism of the right».

What about the left? Note the image is made of fotos of the students? What age are they? Have they been forced to by the colleagues? Have their teachers made pressure?

We had a discussion with a group young and brainless antifas on the Heumarkt. They have no idea on what all this is about. I would not wonder if in five years this scum starts beating Muslims to death in Europe. I could not prevent foul language, to the dismay of A.

Who are the fascists?


Brainless scum.

We then crossed the bridge to our car. It was taken by several tens of police vans. The agents were eating snack and relaxing. We were told that the cost of all this police operation was around one million euros. The number of police agents involved was 2000. We could see that they came from all over Germany. I wonder how many simultaneous events like this would they be able to crack.

We separated by the middle of the bridge after embracing and wishing each other an ironic “Next year in Jerusalem”. Then something funny happened. Two Spanish journalists wanted to justify his day and come after A and me. They wanted to interview us. The conversation could be us follows

  • Journalist one: Hi, are you Spanish.
  • Me and A: Yes.
  •  Journalist 1 (or 2): Why have you come here?
  •  A: For a visit, and you?
  •  Journalist 1 (or 2): To cover the events.
  •  Me: Which channel do you belong to?
  •  Journalist 1: Telecinco.
  •  Me: Oh, Telecirco! (Telecircus, derogatory, ironic name)
  •  Journalist 1: Of course we are from the news services (he tries to disengage himself from the pervasive yellow content of the channel)
  •  Me: Telecirco! (looking to A, insisting). It is appalling the number of fascist that we found; I would say some 4000 (to him).
  •  Journalist 1: Yes, it is appalling, still I think they were one hundred, the 4 thousand were antifascist.
  •  Me: ¿One hundred? I think they could be 4000. Did not you see them in black?.

At this point they could understand and kept silent. I put an end to their astonishment:

  • Me: So, antifascists. I wish you have one of them among your in-laws.

We left them. It was late and we wanted to go back, but I think that we should have called back G and the others to let them know this two news pushers considered them fascists, so that they could discuss it.

* * * * *

Conclusions: The German political class succeeded in cracking the demo. The economic cost of the operation has been significant.

The political impact of the demo can only be confirmed in the next city elections. We will have to keep an eye to the immediate reactions in the following days.

The organisers were not able to hold the congress; we were not able to join the rally, but this is not important. We already know what any possible speech about the Islamización of Europe could say. That should not be our purpose, but to have an impact on the media. And we have had it, as never before. We should thank the counter demonstrants for that, without them, we would not have managed. But this cannot be a one-off event.

* * * * *

Proposal for future actions:

I think that we should repeat this rally every year. We need to show the Europeans that the Nazis and the fascists are the lefties. We can only make it by insisting.

We need to join also the counterdemo with banners showing verses of the Koran.

We need of course to meet once or twice a year. Because we enjoy been together; we are becoming great friends, and we will have to help each other.

* * * * *

It was a great day for me. A, G and the others, I enjoyed meeting you.

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  1. He he he… since Italian commies are out of Parliament they have to find themselves an occupation…

    jejeje… desde que los comunistas italianos estàn fuera del Parlamento tienen que encontrar algo que hacer…

  2. Never, ever , use real names. With consent or without it. Nor ever first letters. Just alias.

    Why to call «nazis» and «fascists» the communist and anarchist terrorists? They have killed more people, they have lasted very much time, and still the Left’s language control is so strong that everyone call them «nazis» and «fascists» as an insult. This is a shot in the foot.

    You’ve said the german Stasi (I’m not going to call’em fascists, cause that’s their game) is only able to manage just one demostration at a time. Why not to repeat this demonstration… and another one, little, not published, in another place of Germany just calling two or three medias one hour before? A press conference is the best. The Red Army just wouldn’t be able to counter this second one.

  3. Muy interesante. Muchas gracias por el reportaje. Esto es blogging en estado puro.

    Yo añadiría una sugerencia: hace poco lo hizo Ignacio, y creo que hay que seguirlo: tanto rollo pro-islam se me hace demasiado sospechoso. Si antes a la izquierda la financiaba el Kremlim (más que demostrado) creo yo que ahora la financia los petrodolares saudíes e iraníes. ¿Nadie va a investigar esto?.

    Respecto a la democracia «cristiana» creo que no hay que preocuparse. Ellos siempre a lo suyo, o sea, a no enterarse de la Misa la media.

  4. Ayer sábado intenté acercarme a Heumarkt y fue tarea imposible. De todas maneras el asunto olía a encerrona por un lado, lo que algún despistado experimentaría después en su propio culo por cuenta de los guarros venidos para la ocasión. Y por otro, a jugado preelectoral del hábil de Schramma y cía., un pájaro de la derecha al que quisieran parecerse los del reciente PP, o sea, soy de derechas pero acepto que la izda. tiene superioridad moral y aunque yo administro mejor vosotros lleváis la razón y os pido perdón etc. etc.
    Los argumentos de este individuo contra el plan de construcción de la gran mezquita de Colonia, son el más depurado ejemplo de indefinición, oportunismo y ejercicio rastrero de la política. Empezó por anunciar, ante el creciente rechazo de las pretensiones de los impulsores de la construcción, la organización exremista turca Ditib, que se procedería a revisar la altura de los minaretes y que se examinaría el plan de construcción con lupa, «ad calendas graecas» naturalmente; para continuar, más de un año después, anunciando que cómo no van a tener derecho los musulmanes a tener un lugar digno de rezos, como si la pretensión de construir tal enormidad no fuera una demostración de poder lisa y llanamente, – véase como ya lo de los minaretes se da por amortizado-, para terminar, cuando el eco del debate en la prensa y las manifestaciones de Giordano se las ha llevado el viento, apuntándose a la cola de los tolerantes junto a la izquierda, sin importarle que toda la piara de guarros de los alrededores convirtiera el centro de la ciudad en su pocilga particular durante un día, eso sí, sin dejar de asegurar que la violencia es cosa muy de mal gusto mientras mira para otro lado. No ha estado sólo en la pantomima. Jetas y elementos como Wallraf o la feminista Schwarzer han rivalizado en ridiculez argumental intentando poner velas a dios y al diablo al mismo tiempo, muy listos ellos, sin dejar de invitar a rechazar a los malos, es decir: los anti-islamistas, la extrema derecha. De lo que hagan sus guarros aliados y protegidos, se declaran de antemano no responsables. Para rematar, la prensa babeando sobre los disturbios provocados, alucina vecina: por la extrema derecha.
    Después de hartarme de estar rodeado por guarros en creciente estado de beocia cervecesca, decidí dar media vuelta y regresar a casa, eso sí con el escepticismo notablemente acrecentado sobre las consecuencias de nuestro alegre multiculturalismo de mierda.
    Claro que nuestro cretino había ayudado a mejorarlo, para eso se fue de ramadán y vomitó: «los españoles estamos orgullosos de nuestra herencia musulmana», y casi 11 millones de ¿españoles? detrás.
    Estos desgraciados van a volver a hacer bueno aquello de: O arrojamos a un millón de españoles a los lobos, o nos echamos todos a los cerdos… musulmanes añadiría.

  5. braunenbataillonen, imagino que el nombre es irónico. Los braunen usan ahora el negro…

    La ultima frase es de Ganivet o Costa.

    Qué casualidad, la acabo de leer en un libro que me regaló el sábado A. El de Marco sobre los ideólogos que acabaron con la Restauración.

  6. One thing I’d like to add: The Nazis are also just socialists, just like the Communists. They’re of the same breed. The term «nazi» is really just an abbreviation of the German «Nationalsozialist», a national socialist. Brown, red, it’s all the same kind of garbage. «Socialism» -no matter what form, national or international- has killed… Let’s make a rough count. Hitler: 6 million Jews, 1 million Sinti and Roma, plus a few others, let’s say around 10 to 12 million. Stalin: ~20-30 million. Mao: ~70 million. More than 100 million people have been butchered by Socialism (and that’s only counting the three main murderers, and not killers like Che and the rest). Which form of political terros has ravaged industrialised countries? Germany, the US of A, Japan as three examples: leftwing terror. Germany’s RAF, for example. Or the leftwing extremists in Japan that also launched mortar rounds at military installations (and even butchered their own members during a very infamous incident which was eventually ended when Japanese police stormed the compound).

    And, historically, the Nazis weren’t even «right» wingers. Right, that was the educated «burgeoisie». The Nazis, as I said, were socialists.

    I’m really sorry that you, as a foreign visitor, had to experience Cologne like this.

    Oh, btw, STASI was the secret service of Communist Germany. And there have been calls by certain political parties in Germany (like «Die Linke», «The Left») for bringing back the STASI to prevent the «evil nazis» from doing their «evil things».

    It’s kind of scary, but in their terminology I’m a nazi, I hate foreigners, etc. Though, it’s actually funny as well, because, most of my friends aren’t even Europeans. My co-workers are mainly foreigners and… the woman I love is not even European, nor is she white. I only want democracy and freedom, where you can say your opinion without having to fear violence against yourself and your family. I guess that really makes me a nazi and a xenophobe!

  7. Sois unos pringaos, A, B, G y el toyaco de Ignacio 🙂
    Pijos metidos a nazis.
    Vais en pillar en cada mani, si la haceis cada año.
    Aunque digais que agradeceis a los contramanifestantes x la «promoción gratuita», son los contramanifestantes los que os agradecen que les permitais pasar un día de lucha en comunidad, en grupo, haciendo piña y planatandoos cara.
    Todo un éxito para el antifascismo
    Hasta la próxima
    Ardereis en el infierno!!!!!!

    * * * * *

    Comentario AMDG: No sé si en el infierno, pero en el campo de batalla, a la hora de la verdad, comunistas, anarquistas y macarrillas habéis dejado mucho que desear.

  8. The events in Cologne at the last weekend were a black day for democracy in Germany and also in Europe. It seems to be, that freedom of speech and freedom of assembly are only allowed for politically correct opinions. Now we are at this point in Europa, that different-minded people have to fear to express their opinions. One step nearer to a totalitarian future.

    S A N T I A G O

  9. Takekaze, you are right to point that out.

    Heinrich, I look forward to it, I will be there again.

    Freikorps, this step can only be taken when there is evidence that the State is not protecting our rights. Still, self-defence is also subject to prudence. In any case, it is licit to take lives and to risk our own life for freedom.

    Thank you to all for your comments.

  10. AMDG

    Was so pleased to have had the pleasure of meeting up with you and hearing your experiences from the other side of the «cordon insanitaire». I’m glad that the police themselves admitted that their problems came from the left, not the «ultra-right Nazis» – in Heumarkt a collection of elderly, concerned citizens who despair of their youngsters and the future of their countries. When the event was cancelled, just as Mario Borghezio had started to speak, I held and comforted an elderly German lady as she buried her head in her rolled up, German flag and sobbed uncontrollably!

  11. La frase es de Ganivet. El nombre: historicismo estético.
    En cuanto al negro de los guarros, es un color que ha dado siempre mucho juego a un lado y otro del espectro ideológico.

  12. Thanks, Averroes. Yes, it was actually very fortunate that I could not make through and I had to be around them.

    Gaia, yes I read that it was mostly the German elder who were with you. There must be some reason for that.

  13. Thanks a lot for that report.
    I’m a german member of «pro» and I’m ashamed for the behaviour of that mob. Please believe, that most germans are different, VERY different!

    (Sorry for writing in english – I don’t speak a word in spanish…)

  14. «I wonder what they actually think about themselves.»

    They think if the anti-Islamic minority among the German Nazis is ever again handed the sovereignty of Germany by our allies in the rest of the world, it will then hand over sovereignty over them to the pro-Islamic majority of the German Nazis, who will then slaughter them.

    They´re wrong on one side, because our allies have already understood the true nature of British National Party, Vlaams Belang, and all the rest of the conformist rebels, and the anti-Islamic minority among the German Nazis is isolated from our allies. But they´re right that the anti-Islamic minority among the German Nazis are not the Verfassungspatrioten they claim to be but indeed dreaming about political purges instead of drafting a constitution worthy for Europe.

    Oh, and never trust Bavarian elite police with Israel, these were the cowards who refused to allow the Israelis to rescue their athletes in Munich 1972.

  15. Thanks for covering this little remarked protest (it didn’t make the news in the states). I did my small part by mentioning it on a states side blog here http://jackdied.com/article/823

    Thanks for posting in English too. My apologies for not responding in Spanish. I had two years of Spanish 20 years ago (and two years of Latin, and of French) but can’t do more than ask for directions or read a menu today.


  16. Estoy de acuerdo con lo expuesto, pero hasta que no he leido los comentarios y he visto la definicion «guarros», no me he percatado de que estoy en un blog de nazis, pura y llanamente, porque eso es lo que me llamaron unos nazis que me pegaron una paliza a mi y a mi novia en 1993, simplemente por llevar el pelo largo.
    Soy democrata, y estoy en contra de todo fudamentalismo, Islamico, Catolico, extremismos de izquierda y como no de derechas tambien. Creo que el Islam no es una religion de paz, y que esto hay que pararlo, pero los neo-nazis que se ocultan en este tipo de blogs, con la excusa del Anti-Islamismo, ni la respeto ni la comparto. Hasta Nunca

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