Holanda: Excomunistas reciclados en «antirracistas» continúan con su acoso a los críticos del Islam. Caso calcado al de Esteban Ibarra

La persecución de los críticos del Islam no pierde comba en Holanda. El último caso llamativo fue el del dibujante Neckschot, ahora es el de un columnista de Het Vrije Volk (El Pueblo Libre). El motivo de la queja es una sátira contra los palestinos que ha sido denunciada por alguien que se sintió «ofendido».

La denuncia fue hecha a un Observatorio contra la Discriminación dirigido por excomunistas:

Magenta was founded in 1992 and in 1994 it was the first organization fighting discrimination on and through the Internet. Today Magenta is still known for introducing groundbreaking projects, which makes it the focal point for other NGOs to learn from. Magenta is practical and non-ideological, and its main characteristic is to think outside the box and take risks.

Magenta and the MDI were founded by Ronald Eissens and his partner Suzanne Bonkhorst, two former militant Green Left peace activists looking for a new source of subsidy in the years after Communism fell along with the Berlin Wall. They started «anti discrimination» activities and even became internationally active, and nowadays also run Icare [Internet Center Anti Racism Europe] and Inach [International Network Against Cyberhate] to scoop up as much subsidy as possible. They are also involved in Kafka, an extreme left «anti fascist research group» that advises even the Government on Right wing extremism. Understandable that the handful of neo-Nazis are seen as the biggest threat to democracy, but for example the AFA and Hizb ut-Tahrir as organizations that do no need investigation an dare no threat at all.

The couple was accused of founding an Extreme Left Bastion. Ronald Eissens for instance was an active member of the fascist AFA blackhoods and cooperated in violent actions. He wrote for the AFA magazine Alert. The same AFA that stated in 2004: «On May 6 the racist Rightist populist Pim Fortuyn is commemorated by Rightist folk, amongst whom are many racists and fascists. It is also the day that two years ago Volkert van de Graaf [the murderer of Fortuyn] lost his freedom and received an inhuman prison sentence of 18 years. Therefore a call to show the Right that it is over and out with their freedom of movement.» But Eissens himself is – apart of his violent AFA activities – not squeaky clean himself. About the German people he wrote: «The Germans are the most violent people on earth.»

In 2004 the couple received from the taxpayers €106,115.70 to silence the same taxpayers. The MDI also keeps blacklists of critical journalists. The CIDI (Center and Information on Israel) once received a mail form Eissens about a journalist that stated: «This guy is blacklisted. He conducts a crusade against the Left.»

The anti-discrimination enterprise is set up outside constitutional authority to clamp down on the opposition to Multiculturalism (the Right and Conservatives). The anti-discrimination is nothing but a subsidy slurper and a coverup for political actions against native citizens, by trying to present a series of charges that can lead to «show trials».

Es un caso calcado -insisto, calcado- del de Ibarra y señora.

Michiel Mans in the Crosshairs

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  1. Esos son incluso peores que los propios mahometanos originales, puesto que llevan impreso en su endófoba mentalidad un auto-odio suicida hacia todo lo autoctono en cualquiera de sus expresiones, ya sean etnicas, culturales, tradicionales, religiosas, etc

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