Reino Unido gastará 68 millones de libras en infraestructuras para Afganistán, pero suspende la ayuda a Colombia por violación de DDHH

Íbamos a acabar con un criminal y acabamos pagándoles las carreteras (The escape from kiddies korner):

We will support the Afghan government by investing in stronger markets that will promote an entrepreneurial business culture. To assist the vast majority of Afghans who live in rural areas, we will increase our support to agriculture and rural development, including transport to market, and support for access to international markets for agricultural exports.

In particular, Helmand province, with its abundant natural resources, has the potential to be a centre of agricultural production and growth for Afghanistan. To help realise this potential, we will invest £68m over the next four years in agriculture, rural enterprise development and infrastructure.

Current projects include: a major road-building programme linking Lashkar Gah to Garmsir, Nad-e-Ali and Gereshk; the refurbishment of the Gereshk hydropower plant (as part of a wider programme to double electricity production in 2009-10); and agri-business infrastructure in Lashkar Gah (funded by the US).

Sin embargo: Reino Unido suspende la ayuda a Colombia por violación de DDHH. Seguramente en Afganistán están mucho mejor en ese aspecto.

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