1. Otro ejemplo más de ingeniería cultural. Desde luego tengo que reconocer que son buenos en lo que hacen: nunca aflojan, ni dejan pasar una sola ocasión. Y son realmente creativos. Artistas de la manipulación.

  2. Racist E.U. Fails To Provide Undocumented Worker With Tall Blond Wife

    “Omar Ba from Senegal has recently exposed the human rights abuses of hypocritical European society.

    Omar has given us a concise vision of the racism and hypocrisy that permeates European society.

    This articulate young man was raised in the beautiful, passionate country of Senegal, and saw rich, white Europeans vacationing on the beach in his native land.

    ‘They were joyful and seemed to spend money without counting,’ he writes. ‘They inspired me with envy and fascination.’

    When he arrived in Europe from his wonderful native Senegal he found, in his own words, misery. Not only was he not provided with a house and a job, but he was also not provided with a tall, blond wife, like he had fantasized about:

    ‘I made beautiful girls flee; to think that when I arrived I fantasized about having an affair with some ravishing blonde who would give me mixed-race children.’

    Someone must be brave enough to stand up to the utter hypocrisy of Europe, and it is going to be me…”

    🙂 Jajaja…

  3. El hecho de votar implica en cierta media un comportamiento “sadomaso” siempre nos la meten doblada y por donde j… más y nosotros como corderitos repetimos el juego legislatura tras legislatura.

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