Crisis económica: Entre 130 y 230 millones de chinos podrían tener que dejar las cuidades industriales y regresando a sus pueblos

Esto nos da una buena medida de la amplitud de la crisis económica. En la China del milagro económico, más de 100 millones de personas que se fueron a buscar la vida a la ciudad estarían regresando, sin dinero y sin posibilidades a las zonas rurales de las que salieron:

According to The Times and other sources, between 130-230 million migrant workers are poised to go back to their rural homes. As the manufacturing economy collapses, they are deserting the cities and returning to their roots, in a huge exodus that is set to dwarf even the scale of the «Down to the Countryside Movement» of Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

So massive is this movement of people that the Chinese government is setting up an emergency programme in a bid to stem the tide. It has laid down new ordinances requiring large state-owned enterprises to reduce salaries first before dismissing staff while they and even medium-sized local companies need official approval before they can make redundant more than 50 people.

Provincial governments, it seems, are particularly alarmed at the inflow of displaced – and very often penniless workers back into their districts. Many of the rural areas have not shared in the relative prosperity of the manufacturing boom and what economic dynamism has come their way has resulted from the production of higher-value agricultural products to feed the burgeoning middle classes and the higher-paid factory workers.

El resultado podría ser la generalización de los disturbios.

This spells trouble

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  1. Jünger advertia, preocupadísimo y trascendente, que el camarerito no podría volver a hacerse agrícola. Qué niñato. Y minero también, si no hay más remedio. El famoso «milagro alemán» de posguerra nos parecerá un buscaminas de nivel fácilito cuando tomemos conciencia del destino que aguarda Hic Rhodus, Hic Putada…

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