Praga renuncia a las olimpiadas por la crisis económica

Enhorabuena a los madrileños, las acabarán pagando ellos:

More than six years ago Pavel Bem, the mayor of Prague, informed the public of his intention to host the Summer Olympic Games in 2016. Even the former mayor of Prague, Jak Kasl, supported this idea when he signed a contract with the Czech Olympic Committee. Two years later Pavel Bem stated that this idea became a serious plan. As he stated, “Prague would become a special location to organize such an event that would bring lots of attention to the city,” but would it actually be able to host such an event? Today we don’t have to think about this question since the event organizers withdrew their plan due to the current economic crisis. Nevertheless, the Olympic candidacy has already cost the city about 70 million crowns. Was it a smart idea to withdraw or not?

Will Prague Ever Host the Olympics?

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