Lutero y el turco (2)

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Posteriormente, Lutero advierte de que el Islam es esencialmente violento y tiene el carácter de un despotismo político completo. Sigue con la saña antipapista:

Muhammad and the pope are tied together

They call me and mine seditious, but when have I ever coveted the sword or urged men to take it, and not rather taught and kept peace and obedience, except that I have instructed and exhorted the regular temporal rulers to do their duty and maintain peace and justice?

Qué gracioso este Lutero. El es pacífico, advierte solo a los gobernantes que den caña al rebelde. Menos a él, claro está. La reforma es él, la reforma de la reforma es una herejía a extirpar, Y como él, Calvino, y Zwinglio. Con ellos se acaba la reforma, como con el Islam la revelación.

… the pope, with his followers, makes war, murders, robs, and that not only his enemies; but he burns, condemns, and persecutes the innocent, the pious, the orthodox, as a true Antichrist. For he does this, “sitting in the temple of God,” as head of the Church; and that the Turk does not do. But as the pope is Antichrist, so the Turk is the very devil. The prayer of Christendom is against both.

Ya ves tu. Quiere atacar al Turco a espaldas de los papistas, y que lo haga el Emperador él solito; eso sí solo después de que los alemanes se arrepientan. Qué ojo político tenía el tío. Más:

Both shall go down to hell, even though it may take the Last Day to send them there; and I hope it will not be long.

Pues eso, buscando amigos antes de atacar al Turco. ¡Dejadme solo! Otro punto que menciona Lutero es que el Islam desprecia a las mujeres y al matrimonio:

Islam despises women and marriage

The third point is that Mohammed’s Koran thinks nothing of marriage, but permits everyone to take wives as he will. Therefore, it is customary among the Turks for one man to have ten or twenty wives and to desert or sell any of them that he will, when he will, so that in Turkey women are held immeasurably cheap and are despised; they are bought and sold like cattle. Although there may be some few who do not take advantage of this law, nevertheless this is the law and anyone can follow if he will. Such a way of living is not marriage and cannot be marriage, because none of them takes a wife or has a wife with the intention of staying with her forever, as though the two were one body, as God’s Word says, in Genesis 2:24, “The man shall cleave to his wife and they two be one body.”

Thus the marriage of the Turks closely resembles the chaste life that the soldiers live with their harlots; for the Turks are soldiers and must act like soldiers; Mars and Venus, say the poets, must be together.

Pues algo parecido cabe decir de la Protesta, que eliminó el carácter sacramental del matrimonio y lo redujo a un asunto civil.

Volviendo al asunto principal, aquí queda patente la ingenuidad política de Lutero:

The second man whose place it is to fight against the Turk is Emperor Charles, or whoever is emperor; for the Turk attacks his subjects and his empire, and it is his duty, as a regular ruler appointed by God, to defend his own. I repeat it here, that I would not urge anyone or tell anyone to fight against the Turk unless the first method, mentioned above, had been followed, and men had first repented and been reconciled to God, etc. If anyone will go to war besides, let him take his risk. It is not proper for me to say anything more about it beyond telling everyone his duty and instructing his conscience.


In the first place, if there is to be war against the Turk, it should be fought at the emperor’s command, under his banner, and in his name. Then everyone can assure his own conscience that he is obeying the ordinance of God, since we know that the emperor is our true overlord and head, and he who obeys him, in such a case, obeys God also, while he who disobeys him disobeys God also.


In the second place, this banner and obedience of the emperor ought to be true and simple. The emperor should seek nothing else than simply to perform the work and duty of his office, which is to protect his subjects; and those under his banner should seek simply the work and duty of obedience.

Primero arrepentimiento, sin el es ilegítimo defenderse del turco. Segundo, nada de predicar la cruzada es una obligación del Emperador, y de sus súbditos. ¿Y pensaba así reunir las fuerzas necesarias? Más:

If these two things are present, God’s commandment and our humility, then there is no danger or need, so far as this second man, the emperor, is concerned; we are strong enough for the whole world and must have good fortune and success. But if we have not good fortune, it is certainly because one of the two things is lacking; we are going to war either without God’s commandment, or in our own presumption, or the first soldier, the Christian, is not there with his prayers.

Más ejemplos de patética ingenuidad política. Sigue a ese párrafo citas del Antiguo Testamento con las batallitas de los israelitas:

In 1 Kings 14:1, the godly Jonathan said, “It is not hard for God to give victory by many or by few,” and himself inflicted on the Philistines a great slaughter such as Saul could not, with his whole army. It does not matter, therefore, if the crowd is not good, provided only that the head and some of the chief men are upright; it would be good, of course, if all were upright, but that is scarcely possible.

Bueno. No hay más que rascar. Vamos a las curiosidades. Turcos y papistas (italianos en este caso) son acusados de homosexuales:

Italian weddings – homosexual relationships

God visits them with the same plague, too, and smites them with blindness, so that it happens to them as St. Paul says, in Romans 1:28, about the shameful vice of the dumb sins, that God gives them up to a perverse mind because they pervert the Word of God. So blind and senseless are both pope and Turk that both of them commit the dumb sins shamelessly, as an honorable and praiseworthy thing. Since they think lightly of marriage, it serves them right that there are dog-marriages (and would to God they were dog-marriages), nay, “Italian marriages” and “Florentine brides” f131 among them; and they think these things good;

For I hear one horrible thing after another about what an open and glorious Sodom Turkey is, and everybody who has looked around a little in Rome and Italy knows very well how God there revenges and punishes the prohibition of marriage, so that Sodom and Gomorrah, which God overwhelmed in days of old with fire and brimstone, must seem a mere jest compared with these abominations. On this one account, therefore, I would regret the rule of the Turk; nay, it would be intolerable in Germany.

Pues eso es. Lutero, que odia por igual al Turco y a los papistas, es incapaz de proporcionar soluciones alternativas. Aunque no aliados subjetivos, la Reforma y el Turco fueron aliados objetivos. Sin la presión del Turco, la Reforma hubiera sido contenida. Sin la Reforma, el turco hubiera podido ser derrotado.

Lamentables divisiones religiosas las de la cristiandad.

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  1. Hombre que en una ocasión Lutero lo dijo «soy demasiado tonto como para entender algo de política» pero también fue el que dijo «estoy sometido a mi conciencia y ligado a la palabra de Dios» la reforma fue una cuestión de conciencia y hay que decirlo de necesidad, el estado de la cristiandad distaba mucho se ser un jardín de rosas (mas bien espinas) a esto quiero añadir algunas cosas en lepanto combatieron Venecia, Genova , España y la santa sede ni Inglaterra ni Francia ni el emperador de Alemania que era tío de Felipe ii le prestaron ayuda, ademas por pura mezquindad no quiso el rey de España otorgarle a Don Juan de Austria el gobierno de tunez como lo había sugerido el Papa y cabe los reyes franceses «cristianisimos» pactan con los turcos…
    Ante toda esta mezquindad es necesario arremeter contra un monje que era mas que un profesor de teologia que se habia convertido en lider sin buscarlo?

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