Los musulmanes esperan que Obama “salga del armario” tras ganar las elecciones

Los de Indonesia, donde estudió el Corán:

Barry Soetoro did not only – like every Indonesian Muslim – follow compulsory Islamic classes in primary school. His observance was not cursory as his sister states, but by regular prayer and weekly by teachings.

He went often to the mosque for praying [translated]: «he was very often in the prayer room, Barry was then quite a religious Muslim.» His biological father, Barack Hussein Obama, was the Muslim economist from Kenya. Before marrying Ann Dunham, Hussein Obama married Kenyans and had seven children. All of Barry’s father’s relatives were religious Islamists. «We often previously asked him to the prayer room close to the house,» said Rony Amir, Barry’s teammate when living in H. Ramli Street, Jakarta.

Most remarkably, he was sent out by his Muslim stepfather and Muslim mother to study mengaji, the reading and reciting of the Quran in Arabic. [1]

So-called «moderate» Indonesians would never send their child to such mengaji classes; therefore his parents were not of the «moderate» sort, but were devoted Muslims. Indonesians are waiting for him to come out the closet, and believe his «Christianity» is nothing but kitman.

After the election he will admit to being a devoted Muslim, many say in comments. «I’m drawn to the idea of an American president who can wear a sarong with style, and who feels nostalgic when he hears the call to prayer,» writes a commenter in the Jakarta Post.

¿Qué dicen a esto quienes acusan a la «derecha islamófoba» de agitar el fantasma del miedo?

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