La crisis demográfica llega a Turquía…

Sería una buena noticia, pero no echéis las campanas al vuelo. Es solo una crisis relativa.

The Prime Minister’s plea – already made to young mothers last 8 March on Women’s Day – was repeated today during the third edition of «Summit on the Family», an annual meeting organised in Istanbul by the General Directorate on research into the family and Society’ (Asagem). With his energetic, veiled wife Emine at his side, Erdogan confirmed in strong terms that «Turkish citizens should not be worried about the global economic crisis but should concentrate on creating nuclear families with at least three children. By the end of 2038, thanks to people living longer, the Turkish population will mainly consist of the elderly, so we need young people to take their place».

Me gustaría ver estadísticas, porque mucho me temo que sea solo una alerta preventiva. Leo también lo siguiente:

But the campaign to increase the population by Erdogan does not seem to have much support amongst opponents who criticise the Premier for forgetting that – as borne out by statements by the World Bank – 40% of the population between 15 and 24 is unemployed, 40% is in continuing education, and only 30% is in work

Sin duda, la adhesión europea sería la solución todos esos problemas. Es decir, la exportación de todos esos problemas a Europa. Una jugada maestra del islamista Erdogán, que a la vez que llama a Europa refuerza su alianza con el Islam y con el Asia central turcófona.

Demographic Crisis in Turkey

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