Turquía: Tangana en un partido de baloncesto. El equipo israelí tuvo que abandonar la cancha bajo protección (VIDEO)

Era un partido de la Eurocopa:

A Eurocup basketball match was called off in Ankara as the visiting Israeli side did not bother to return to the court after Turkish spectators launched anti-Israeli protests, prompting riot police to intervene.

«Israeli murderers, get out of Palestine,» «Allah-u Akhbar» (God is great), the protestors chanted as the teams – Israel’s Bnei Hasharon and Turkey’s Turk Telekom – initially came out for the match in the Ataturk Sports Arena.

The Israelis returned to their locker room after a group of protestors, some carrying Palestinian flags and wearing the kaffiyeh – the traditional checkered Arab scarf – hurled coins and lighters at them and attempted to invade the court, prompting police to use truncheons to stop them.

Es solo el comienzo.

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