¿Para cuándo el impeachment de Obama?

Hemos tratado antes de las turbias circunstancias de su nacimiento. Seguimos en ello.

Anti-Mullah, que ha estado siguiendo el asunto en detalle, nos lo explica de pe a pa (PROOF POSITIVE OBAMA KENYAN BORN, NO PROOF HE IS ELIGIBLE TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE USA):

  • His documents all show birth in Kenya.
  • As to his Indonesian passport, that, in and of itself, is problematic for Obama.
  • In order to have obtained Indonesian citizenship, which is the only way one legitimately gets an Indonesian passport, he must have renounced his US citizenship, assuming for a moment, that he was, in fact a US citizen at any time.
  • The fact that he renounced his US citizenship in order to obtain citizenship in Indonesian also makes him ineligible to hold the office of President of the United States under Article II, Clause V of the Constitution of the United States.
  • Look. The facts and the law, are just that, the facts and the law.

Se armaría la de Troya si se presentara el impeachment. Pero, como dice, los datos son los datos y la ley es la ley. El caso es que continúan las iniciativas para forzar a Obama a presentar su certificado de nacimiento.

Lo último que he leído es que su madre podría haberlo registrado fraudulentamente en Hawai tras haberlo dado a luz en Kenia, en este artículo de Rolf Krake (Obamagate: Fight To Reveal Obama’s Birth Certificate Continues). Unos extractos:

(The Obamaniacs argues that the poor mother didn’t have the money to travel to Kenya, yet another lie, she was in Kenya during her pregnancy)

Since she was only 18 at the time of Mr. Obama’s birth, she would not have passed citizenship on to Mr. Obama. In 1961, citizenship could only be passed on to a child where one parent was an alien should the citizen parent have resided in the U.S. for 10 years, five of those over the age of 14.

The State of Hawaii has refused to release copies of Mr. Obama’s birth certificate, because Department of Health officials say the privacy statutes of the state prevent them from doing so to anyone who does not have a «direct and tangible interest» in the record as prescribed in the state statute.

Another case: this one against Obama’s Mother by Forensic Psychologist who works for Criminal Justice System and the Courts Accuses Obama’s Mother of Fraud on Obama Birth Docs in Hawaii. Dr. T.B. Bradley, Psy. D. Forensic Psychologist who works for the Criminal Justice System and the Courts, accuses Obama’s Mother of Fraud on Obama Birth Docs in Hawaii. «Obama’s Mother engaged in a pattern of illegal and fraudulent conduct as a result of both of her two children’s birth outside of the United States:


Maya Soetoro born in Jakarta Indonesia, but the mother, a US Citizen, raced to Hawaii after each of her children’s birth where she engaged in fraudulent conduct upon the United States by declaring a late registration birth for both children claiming that they were born in Hawaii.

El culebrón debería de acabar el 1 de diciembre, cuando tiene  que presentarlo oficialmente:

By December 1, 2008, Obama must present to the Court an authentic birth certificate. «I can see a unanimous Court (en banc) decertifying the election if Obama refuses to produce his birth certificate,» says Raymond S. Kraft, an attorney and writer. «They cannot do otherwise without abandoning all credibility as guardians of the Constitution.» (from comments on the featured article)

Orlando está siguiendo el asunto:

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