Francia: Campaña “Ramadán 2006″, menos coches quemados, pero mejor organización

277 coches quemados en vez de los 10,000 del año pasado:

The 2005 Ramadan Riots, which saw some 10,000 cars torched and 300 buildings firebombed, have been followed by a yearlong, lower-grade rolling riot – what some in the French police are calling a «permanent intifada.» Nationwide, this works out to 15 attacks a day on police and firefighters, and 100 cars set ablaze nightly. And for the first time, the police are being subject to well-planned ambushes.


So when the Oct. 27 anniversary of last year’s violence was met with «only» 277 torched cars, the Interior Ministry declared it «relatively calm.»


But the trends are not good. While last year’s violence was disorganized (rioters armed only with bricks, crowbars and Molotov cocktails) and largely confined to heavily immigrant Muslim and African neighborhoods, this past week saw a half-dozen well-organized attacks on public buses in non-immigrant neighborhoods by «youths» armed with guns. In some cases, they ordered passengers out at gunpoint, then firebombed the bus. In others, they’ve tossed Molotov cocktails into buses with the passengers still aboard.

Nueva táctica probada. Evidentemente están tanteando la firmeza de la república, que no parece escesiva. Imagino que Sarko estará muy enfadado de que le hagan esto en período electoral.

Only’ 277 Cars Torched in France, But Riots Better Organized…

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