Australia: Las librerías se niegan a distribuir una novela para niños

Porque el malvado es un musulmán:


Dale is director of the Centre for New Writing at Sydney’s University of Technology. He came up with a novel entitled Army of the Pure, in which four children are pursued by Afghan terrorists, after they discovered a plot to blow up the Lucas Heights experimental nuclear reactor in Sydney.

In a case of life imitating art, in late 2005, several Australian Muslims in Sydney and Melbourne were arrested for plotting to really blow up the reactor.

Scholastic were pleased with Dale’s novel, Army of the Pure, describing it as a «gripping page-turner». They have described his writing as «almost flawless».

Now, however, Scholastic have ditched the children’s thriller, states the Northern Territory News, because of the reactions from libraries and booksellers. The reasons why no-one seems to want to stock Army of the Pure is because the main villain is a Muslim.


En efecto, la vida imita al arte, incluso a veces lo supera. De momento no está en Amazon, pero en cunato salga ya tengo regalo para mis hijos.

Australia: Kids’ Novel Dropped For Portraying Muslim Villain

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