La extinción de los progres

En EE. UU. tienen menos hijos que los conservadores:

According to a 2006 San Francisco Chronicle article, «Take a randomly selected sample of 100 liberal adults and 100 conservative adults. According to an analysis of the 2004 General Social Survey – a bible of data for social scientists – the liberals would have had 147 kids, while the conservatives would have had 208. That’s a fertility gap of 41 percent…Now superimpose this on a map of the United States. The highest fertility rate is found in the most Republican state, Utah, home to the Mormon Church. The lowest fertility belongs to Vermont, a state liberal enough to be the first to sanction gay unions. The states with the next highest fertility rates, according to the latest National Center for Health Statistics survey, are Arizona, Alaska and Texas, otherwise known as ‘red states.’ States with the next lowest fertility rates are Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island, all ‘blue states.'»

Debo decir que no me parece mal en absoluto, aunque la diferencia no es tan grande. Aquí­ habla un norteamericano de origen armenio. Parece ser que estos tienen familias de cuatro hijos en adelante:

I know of MANY large Catholic American families whose fathers are the sole breadwinners. They are attorneys, air traffic controllers, doctors, etc… They have five, six, seven, even eight children. The mothers stay home and take care of the household. They all own their homes in nice, quiet neighborhoods. They manage quite well financially and do you know why?

Pues muy fácil, siendo austeros.

The impending liberal extinction


Por cierto: Had Toni Vernelli y Sara Irving, dos mujeres que abortaron y se esterilizaron para «salvar el planeta»


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  1. Muy buenas AMDG, desgraciadamente en España al no existir practicamente conservadores, en todas las regiones hay muy pocos hijos, eso si muy liberales todos, de derecha y de izquierda y muy sabios. Lo que nos espera!

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