Bosnia y Kosovo: Nido de terroristas musulmanes

En más de una ocasión nos hemos referido aquí a la manipulación que sufrió la opinión publica sobre la antigua Yugoslavia, que permitió una intervención armada contra Yugoslavia primero y contra Serbia después.

Nuestro políticos se dan cuenta ahora de que han creado dos estados musulmanes (Kosovo aun no lo es, pero están en ello) que se han convertido en un nido de terroristas:

EU faces Balkan terror risk

19.04.2006 – 10:35 CET | By Andrew Rettman

The Western Balkans risks becoming a platform for anti-EU terrorist attacks a new study by US and Croat intelligence says, with three suspects indicted in Sarajevo on Tuesday (18 April). "They [Al-Qaeda linked groups] judge that it is high time that their job on this territory should be taken over by new local forces," the classified 252-page text seen by Associated Press states.

"People who are born here and live here have an advantage which would make their job easier. By their appearance, they are less obvious."

The report says the Bosniak community in Bosnia and Herzegovina – ethnic Slavs who follow Islam – is a key target for terror recruitment agents because Bosniaks can blend easily into European society.

"Bosnia has become a breeding ground for terrorists," Bosnian intelligence chief Dragan Lukac told Associated Press.

Vaya, se dan cuenta ahora. Por cierto, para los que tanto se quejan de Guantánamo:

Guantanamo evidence used

The US and Croat report is partly-based on evidence obtained from six Algerian-born Bosnians held in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Prague-based NGO Transitions Online and the US' own NATO commander in Bosnia, brigadier general Louis Weber, say the vast majority of Bosniaks are moderates who abhor violence however.

"There isn't a large community that would support that kind of activity here," Mr Weber told Associated Press.

Los musulmanes bosnios se están radicalizando progresivamente. Una vez más el dinero de los amigos saudíes está dando su fruto:

Among the Islamic leaders Bosnian authorities are monitoring closely is Nezim Halilovic, chief mufti of the King Fahd Cultural Center. The mosque, one of dozens being built around Sarajevo with Saudi donations, can accommodate 5,000 people and is part of a $9 million complex that includes a library, a sports hall, restaurants and classrooms for studying Arabic and the Quran.

Its imam has repeatedly has been accused of using his sermons to preach violence in Afghanistan, Chechnya, Israel, Iraq and Kashmir. Nothing like that was heard at one of his recent noon prayer sermons; addressing throngs of heavily bearded men and burqa-clad women, he spoke proudly of "bringing Bosnian Muslims back to Islam."

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