Parlamentario del Partido del Pueblo Danés, entrevistado en Front Page magazine.

Se llama Morten Messerschmidt, y esta es una de sus afirmaciones más rotundas:

FP: So do you think it is possible that Europe will be able to eventually have laws that will prevent the immigration, and engage in the deportation, of Muslims who yearn to live under Sharia law? How can a democracy take the steps to do this?

Messerschmidt: It is not the question “if Europe can do so”, it is only the question “how does Europe do so”. Only ignorant people believe that we can solve the problems in the Middle East through emigration to Europe – demographically it’s an outrageous thought, looking at the fact that the Muslim Civilisation has a net increase in population of the size of Spain each year.

Aquí está la netrevista.

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